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Plushie Lil’ Derpion

May 7, 2014

*tap tap*  This thing on?  *blows dust off of WordPress*

Hi there!  Apparently, I still have a blog.  I’ve just become really, really bad about writing things up.  You see, when something interesting happens or I have some sort of thought, I usually just whisper or IM a couple people about it and then it’s out of my system and I no longer feel like taking the time to type it up.  I know, I know, I’m so very lazy.

But this HAS to be a blog post, because it was inspired by another blogger.  You see, back in February, Kamalia posted about finishing her quest to make little plushies of all the WoW dragon whelplings.  They were so cute and awesome that I wished out loud for a sewing machine so that I could make some too.  My husband was like, “Would you really like a sewing machine?  Would you make stuff with it?”  And I was like, sure!  Why not?  So he totally bought me one for my birthday!  (I think he just wants to encourage me to have more non-gaming hobbies, heh.)  And since Kamalia had kindly posted her whelpling pattern, I was good to go!

Of course, I hadn’t used a sewing machine in decades, so I knew it would take a bit of practice to figure things out.  My plan was to start off with simpler projects, and I did sew together a nice little pillow with a sort of quilted pillowcase, but then I just threw caution to the wind and dove straight into dragon making.

Monster PillowcaseThe mostly completed pillowcase.  I’m far too lazy to go take a photo of the finished product.

Introducing Derpion, Aspect of the Derp Flight!


Plush Dragon SittingHe’s sittin’ so pretty for the camera.

Since the little guy is a bit awkward looking, I was going to name him something like Derpy, or Derptar, or Derpistrasz.  When I mentioned this to Prinnie, she yelled, “DERPION! Aspect of the Derp Flight!”   Which is far too perfect, I must agree.  So little Derpion he is.

Anyway, because I knew my first attempt was probably going to really suck, I didn’t want to use very expensive fabric.  So I just bought the cheapest cotton I could find to make a practice dragon.  And yeah… I made quite a few mistakes and there are a number of things I’d do differently next time.

Plush Dragon SidesHanging out with himself and showing off his side views.

First of all, I didn’t read Kamalia’s instructions very closely or study her photos to see how she’d done things.  I had a pattern, what more did I need?!  So I uh, totally didn’t notice that she hadn’t included seam allowances on the pattern.  >.<  So the body and hind legs turned out smaller than they would have been otherwise.  I finally noticed the lack of a seam allowance when I tried to sew his little front legs and my sewing machine tried to eat them.  I had to redo those and allow for a proper seam, so his front legs are proportionately bigger than his hind legs, at least compared to Kamalia’s whelps.  I also re-drew the wings to include allowance for both the seam and the pipe cleaner armature-thing.

Secondly, I forgot to add the little top piece for his head.  I don’t think it’s noticeable unless you know it’s supposed to be there though.  His head is just smaller and narrower than it should be.  I think it looks a bit more like a dinosaur or a turkey vulture this way.

Thirdly, I kept getting better as I went along, so the second of each pair of legs/wings turned out better than the first one, and usually slightly larger too.  It’s especially noticeable in his wings.

Plush Dragon TopThe left wing is clearly better constructed than the right wing.  Poor lop-sided Derpion!

Fourthly, I wasn’t sure how the feet were supposed to be sewn together, so I tried two different versions on the front and the back legs.  I’m not sure which I like better.  There’s probably an even better way to do them that I just don’t know about.

Finally, I had no idea how Kamalia had intended to sew the limbs on, so I kinda just made it up.  I used buttons to attach them, which makes them semi-poseable.

Plush Dragon WindowSuch a big world for such a little dragon.

However, there are some things that I think work well.  The quilting-type thing I did on the wings looks pretty good.  The zig-zag stitching in particular helps give the wings a bit of texture that I like.  The semi-poseable legs are also pretty cool, in my opinion.

I’m sure I’ll try again using different fabric and trying different techniques.  I may even look up how to do things next time!

 Plush Dragon Wants Out SmallTime to fly?

Taken at the Moment of my Death

August 30, 2013

Our guild is now 10/13 heroic Throne of Thunder.  The only bosses we have left to kill are H. Dark Animus, H. Lei Shen and Ra-Den.  It would be nice if we could get them down before 5.4 drops, but there’s not a lot of time left.  Also, these encounters are HARD.

Like, “Well, at least we’re wiping quickly” hard.

Heroic Dark Animus Wipe 2Stomping on our bodies to add insult to injury.

Last night Dark Animus went something like this:

OW!  Ow ow ow!  Why are they hitting so hard?!  Oh god, why?!?!

SPLAT!  Tank dead.

SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT!  One healer and two DPS dead.

RUN AWAY!  Try to brez someone but– SPLAT!  Now I’m dead.

“This is a wipe guys.”  NO, REALLY?!?!?

“You have wiped on Heroic Dark Animus at 1 min 4 sec.  You have 20 wipes on this difficulty.”

…Thanks for rubbing it in, boss mod.

Beautiful Image of Death

In between wipes I was chatting with Prinnie from That Was an Accident! on Real ID and she reminded me to take some epic screenshots of fail to post for everyone to enjoy.  I’m usually really terrible about remembering to hit Print Screen, especially when I’m in combat.  (I mean, come on, I’m trying to keep everyone alive, hitting Print Screen is dangerous!)  But there were a few moments (warning: understatement!) when death was inevitable and it really didn’t matter if I stopped to document our demise.  Though I had to be quick, because the wipes happened so darn FAST.

My favourite is this one.  I think it really gives a sense of what a clusterfuck last night was.

Heroic Dark Animus WipeI don’t think healers are supposed to have aggro on ALL the things.

I’m taking melee hits of over a million.  Also, I grabbed the shot just as I died.  Xperl is showing me as dead but Healbot hasn’t quite got the memo yet.

We did improve over the course of the evening though.  We’re hoping that if we get the first two minutes of the fight down the rest will be relatively easy.  *fingers crossed*

Heroic Twin Consorts Kill Video

July 11, 2013

I know this video is long, but I just love how even on progression our raid atmosphere is usually so calm and full of banter.  And if nothing else, you should really skip forward to about the 10:15 minute mark for some after combat hilarity.


I have a whole list of blog posts I want to write.  I really need to get around to writing them…


July 2, 2013

As many of you know, I play a Resto Druid, aka, a Tree.  Trees aren’t known for their offensive capabilities.  We do have a few DPS options now, but not many.  It’s a running joke with me to yell, “FEAR THE TREE!” and then run up to something and start tree-punching it in the face for a little extra DPS from time to time.  At least one friend ironically refers to me as Scary Tree.

So today a friend and I were discussing what raid boss we would most like to be, and I naturally said a giant Tree of Doom.  I would scream, “CAN YOU OUT DPS MY HOTS, MORTALS?!?! I THINK NOT!!!!”

My friend replied, “If this were your base model, I’d be sold, ” and linked me the image behind the cut.

(Beware, madness lies within…)

Read more…

Hunter Pet Raid Buffs and Debuffs — A Handy Chart

June 10, 2013

I’m in UR Woods, Shootin’ UR Mobs

Kami and Penumbra Small

For the last few days I’ve been leveling my Hunter and oh man, is it ever fun!  I’d almost forgotten how easy everything seems as a Hunter.  Round up a dozen mobs and nuke them down?  Why yes, I can do that.  So far my pet has only died once to an overzealous pull, and by that time there were only two mobs left so I finished them off myself with no problem.  Run across a Pandaria rare spawn?  No worries!  I don’t even have to bother about most mechanics because my pet eats the damage while I stand safely at a distance.  I’m not even Beast Mastery — I’m specced Survival and just use the Glyph of Misdirection to keep aggro on my pet.  It’s awesome!

Not to mention all the taming of new pets, of course.  Whoever convinced Blizzard to expand the pet stable to 50 slots has my undying gratitude!  I randomly came across tracks for Savage,  the Hunter-only rare spawn white tiger, and totally managed to tame him!  It was an adrenaline pumping experience — the dark green tracks were so hard to see on the green Jade Forest background and I kept getting jumped and dismounted by nearby mobs — but I eventually caught him in my flare and got him.  I was so excited!  I renamed him Penumbra and he’s my new favorite pet.

I’ve also picked up a few other pets, but I won’t bore you with a full list of them.  Suffice to say that I’m starting to worry that 50 slots won’t be enough.

Oh, and I went out and tamed one of every color of Pandaria tiger, just so I could have a rainbow Stampede.  It’s hilariously epic.

Kami Rainbow of TigersOf course, getting them all to face the same direction is like… herding cats.  *Ba-doom TISH*

Yeah, Yeah, Enough With the Stories, Where’s This Chart You Promised?

So as I was running around collecting 10 different colored Cats, I started to wonder what pets I really need for providing group buffs.  I mean, what if I fill my stable with adorable Cats and then discover I have to abandon a bunch of them to make room for Sporebats and Spiders?  To find out which pets I still needed to collect I decided to make myself a handy-dandy chart.  This chart includes the minimum number of pets a Hunter needs to cover every necessary raid buff or debuff, which buff/debuff each pet brings, what other classes/specs bring the same buff/debuff and then, for my own reference, which pets I have that could cover each one.

Before I post my chart I need to acknowledge the two sources of information that I combined together:

  1. The Hunter Pets Buff List and the Best Hunter Pets by Frostheim of the Warcraft Hunter’s Union
  2. Mists of Pandaria Buffs and Debuffs by Zarac on WoWhead.

This may not be the prettiest formatting ever, but it’s concise and (hopefully) easy to read.  I hope someone out there finds it useful!

Hunter Pets and Raid BuffsClick to embiggen.

If you want to download the Excel spreadsheet for your own use, click here: Hunter Pets and Raid Buffs Downloadable.  If it opens as Read Only just use “Save As” and you’ll be able to edit it.

A Few Additional Notes

There are three Buffs/Debuffs not listed on the chart:

  1. Attack Power (+10% melee and ranged attack power). Brought passively by all Hunters, so if you’re a Hunter and you’re in a group, good job.
  2. Weakened Blows (-10% physical damage done).  This is provided by every tank spec.  If your raid doesn’t have any tanks then, um… good luck?  But if you really want to have your bases covered then a Bear or a Carrion Bird can provide it.
  3. Mortal Wounds (-25% healing received).  I figure this is more of a PvP debuff, and if there’s ever an encounter that requires it you can cover it yourself with Widow Venom.  But, again, if you want to cover your bases a Devilsaur will provide it, but you’ll need to be Beast Mastery to tame one.

If anyone who plays a Hunter as a main sees any errors, please let me know.  Also, I use Open Office instead of Excel, so let me know if the spreadsheet gives you any formatting errors.

That Guild Tier 15 Outtakes

May 13, 2013

Since I haven’t been so good about updating this blog, you all may or may not know that my guild <That Guild> is currently 1/13 heroic ToT.  We really should be 2/13 by now, but we’ve had a bunch of people get sick, or go on vacation, or have real life bite them in the ass recently.  *sigh*  We got heroic Ji’kun down to 10%, which means we are soooo close to a kill.  We just need life to stop happening, dammit.

Anyway, we’ve been frapsing all our kill videos, which I’ve never gotten around to posting, because at this point I’m not sure if I should give each one their own post + write up (which sounds like a lot of work), or just post them all at once (which sounds like something no one would bother watching).  I suppose I should just buckle down and do a bunch of write ups, because maybe they’d help some guilds that are still working on the bosses.  I’m just so lazy.

Where was I going with this?  Oh, right.

So, we all know progression raiding is serious business, right?  Well, not so much if you happen to be in our guild.  Behold!  Our Tier 15 Normal Outtakes!


Yeah… That’s our guild atmosphere right there.  LOL

Title My Toons (Plus Bonus Chibis!)

May 7, 2013
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Repgrind recently shared the titles her alts are using and asked what titles everyone else wears and why they wear them.  I figure my reply is pretty long for a comment, and also that I need to blog more often, so I’m turning my response into a post instead.

Also, it gives me the chance to use these chibis that I made but never posted before.  Two birds with one post!  (That’s the saying, right?)

Kashina (Druid, main)

Kashina Chibi Blue

Kash usually wears “Starcaller” because I love it and it definitely suits her Boomkin spec.  (Starfall, anyone?)  However, when I earn a new title on her I usually wear it for a few days and then go back to Starcaller.  At the moment she’s wearing “the Flamebreaker” because I was randomly scrolling through my titles and thought that one sounded cool.

I talked about her chibi in a previous post.  It was not easy to make her look like a Tauren.

Karalina (DK)

Karalina Chibi

Kara is wearing “of the Nightfall” because she’s all dark and emo like that.

I think this chibi looks frighteningly close to the way Kara appears in my head.  Even the armor looks very much like her DK starting gear, which she’s currently using for transmog.

Kimea (Pally)

Both Kimeas

Kimmy uses “Crusader” because, well, she’s a Paladin and she thinks very highly of herself.

Two versions of Kimea, loosely based on her current transmog sets.  On the left is her red Ret set, and on the right is her blue Holy set.  I love her transmog sets so much!  I should really post them here sometime…

Kaylira (Priest)

Kaylira Chibi

Kay wears “Twilight Vanquisher”.  I’m honestly not sure why.  Maybe because she’s Disc/Holy and vanquishes the dark through her use of the light?

I think “Merrymaker” and “of Thunder Bluff” would also work well for her.

For Kay’s chibi I completely abandoned any attempt at recreating her awesome (and Mog Madness award winning) transmog set and just tried to capture the essence of her personality.  I think I did a good job of that, if I do say so myself, but it bothers me a little that I couldn’t make her look like a spotted cow.  :(

Khizzara (Mage)

Khizzara Chibi

Khizz is wearing “the Explorer” because I imagine her as someone who wants to learn about everything, especially if she can figure stuff out for herself.  That’s why she has both alchemy and engineering as professions, and why she studies magic in the first place.

I also think this chibi really captures the essence of Khizzara’s being.  :D

Kamilee (Hunter)

Kamilee Chibi

Kami has the “Dragonslayer” title because it’s super cool and seems to fit a hunter.  “The Love Fool” might also work for her personality.  (Don’t let the fur mislead you — Kami is hot stuff!)

It was difficult enough to make Tauren with the chibi maker, but Worgen?!  Not a chance.  So I chibified Kami’s human form instead.  But at least she gets to keep her fangs!  There were also no bow options for weapons.  WTF, chibi maker?  That seems like a huge fantasy oversight to me.

Kaeliss (Shaman, bank alt)


Kae is wearing “Flame Keeper”, both because it has an elemental, shaman-type feel to it, and also because she sits in the city “keeping the home fires burning”, as it were.  She could also wear “of Thunder Bluff”, since that’s where she lives at the moment, or “the Patient”, since she’s the second toon I rolled and has been waiting for her time in the spotlight ever since.  Poor girl.

I really struggled to chibify Kaeliss.  None of the options available seemed to suit her.  I must have made at least 6 versions before settling on this one.  For this version I went for a classy, business-like, bank-alt vibe.  Not sure I nailed it.  Also, not sure you can tell she’s a troll.  And they didn’t have anything like her 3-mohawk hair style.  :(

Kaija (Monk)


Kaija is “the Seeker”, as she is seeking to learn the way of the monk and find her place in Azeroth.

Oh god, making a red panda chibi is also difficult!  The chibi maker does have a panda base, but it’s a black-and-white panda, which definitely wouldn’t have been Kaija.  So I used the tiger base and just hid all the stripes.  >.>  Still not sure you could tell she’s a red panda without already knowing that’s what she is.

Korrina (Warrior)

Korrina Chibi

Korrina uses the “Ambassador” title.  She negotiates with her axe and tends to come to beneficial arrangements (for herself).

A female Orc warrior was surprisingly easy to chibify.  Currently she’s Arms and using a big heirloom axe, but there were no axe options, so I was like, meh, one day I’m sure she’ll try Fury.

Frankoz (aka Frank: Warlock, curmudgeon)

Frank Chibi

Ah, Frank.  Titles that would be appropriate for Frank would probably include “Elder”, “the Hallowed”, or even “the Patient”.  (He bides his time…)

“Farmer” would be absolutely ideal for him, but sadly he needs to level up a good deal more before he has access to it.

Of course, Frank being Frank he would much rather wear an ironic title than an appropriate one.  He was sorely tempted by “the Love Fool”, but eventually settled on “Merrymaker.”

I had so much fun chibifying Frank!  He looks so pretty in all the fancy dresses!  XD  In this version, I like to think he was invited to the annual Warlock’s ball, and this is his idea of “fancy dress”.


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