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*Distracts the Internet With Kittens*

March 31, 2013

No WoW update — though I have so many things to talk about.  I’m a terrible combination of really busy and incredibly lazy.  So here!  Have some pictures of my cats instead!  :D

Karma is the ginger colored one. He’s an 8 year old domestic long hair.

Simba is the tuxedo cat. We got him in February from a local rescue society. He was found feral as part of a “trap, spay/neuter, release” program, and they clipped the tip of his left ear off so they’d know he was already neutered if he ever became wild again. He’s about 11 months old now.

Karma and Simba March 2013 1

Karma and Simba March 2013 2

Karma and Simba March 2013 3

Karma and Simba March 2013 4

Karma and Simba March 2013 5

Karma and Simba March 2013 6

Karma and Simba March 2013 7

Simba March 2013 1

Simba March 2013 2

Chibify Me!

March 12, 2013

Ok, so I’m very, very late to this chibi meme party, but I’m going to post mine anyway.  Here is my Druid main Kashina with both a blue and green version vaguely representing her two current transmog outfits:

Kashina Chibi BlueKashina Chibi Green

I’d just like to point out that it’s very difficult to make a human chibi look like a Tauren.

If you want to play too check out the Chibi Maker.

Breaking Jin’rokh the Breaker

March 11, 2013

Yay for the Throne of Thunder raid!

While it’s sad that we didn’t get to finish up all the Tier 14 heroic bosses, it’s very refreshing to get into a new instance.  So far this week we’ve managed to get Jin’rokh and Horridon down.  We have our third raid night tonight, so with any luck we’ll get the Council of Elders down too.

What’s really exciting to me is that we managed to get the server first kill of Jin’rokh!  Now, I know that getting the server first kill of the first raid boss on normal is not particularly special, and other guilds on our server have already blown way past us (one guild is at 11/12 and one’s at 6/12 already), but it’s my first ever server first, and I’m going to allow myself to be proud of it, dammit!

Jin’rokh the Breaker

Jin'rokh the Breaker

Raid composition:

  • 2 tanks
  • 3 healers
  • 5 DPS

DPS Requirements:

We had an average DPS of 106.4 k and killed him about 2 minutes before the enrage.

Healing Requirements:

Our average HPS was about 55k.  It would probably be possible to 2-heal the fight, but it’s not necessary since the DPS requirements are fairly low.


Chances are that you won’t need this guide because Jin’rokh is a pretty easy encounter.  We only wiped twice before we killed him, and he died before summoning the 4th pool. But hey!  Here’s a guide anyway.

I’m not going to go over the strategy in detail, as Icy Veins has a good explanation posted.  There are only a few important points to remember:

  • Always stand on the edge of the Conductive Water, moving outward with it as it expands.  This will allow you to quickly run out of the pool and kite the Focused Lightning to a safe place before it touches you and drops a Lightning Fissure.  If the orb touches you while you are standing in a pool it will cause a wipe.
  • If someone drops a Lightning Fissure in the path of an expanding Conductive Water pool, you simply need to get out of the pool a couple of seconds before the pool reaches the Lightning Fissure and wait for the fissure to explode.  As soon as the fissure has exploded you can move back into the Conductive Water again for the buff.
  • There are slightly raised areas around the room that are not affected by Conductive/Electrified Waters.  (You can see some of these areas in the video below.)  If you manage to drop Lightning Fissures in those areas they will not be detonated by the pools and can be ignored.  Alternatively, you can safely stand in these areas after the room is full of Electrified Waters if you are running up against the enrage timer.
  • When Jin’rokh casts Lightning Storm the current Conductive Water pool turns into Electrified Waters.  The combined damage from both Lightning Storm and Electrified Waters is quite deadly, so you should move out of the pool a couple of seconds before Lightning Storm and stack up about 5 yards behind Jin’rokh for AoE healing.


Here is the video from our first kill:

You can see how we move the Lightning Fissures off to the side and move in and out of the pools as they expand and hit the fissures.  (Including how we moved out for one we thought was going to explode, but it didn’t because it was in a safe zone.)

Good luck, everyone!

Life, Kittens, and our Heroic Spirit Kings Video

February 28, 2013

Life Update

Hey everyone!  Have you missed me?  Sorry to have been gone for so long.  Once again, I am the worst blogger ever.

I was really busy over the Christmas season.  My husband and I went to Canada to visit my family and friends for a couple weeks.  Then when I got back I had hundreds of blog updates to catch up on, which felt overwhelming.  So I just… procrastinated, as I often do.  And I got distracted playing TERA for a while….  ^_^;

I’ve also had some real life medical issues to attend to (nothing serious, don’t worry).  I started seeing a nutritionist and began an exercise program.  Anyway, long story short, I’m still alive, and I do intend to blog more often.

Really, I’m totally going to blog more consistently.  You can count on me.  >.>

OMG Kitty Kitty Kitty Yay!

Last week we got a new kitten!  His name is Simba.  Isn’t he adorable?!


That’s not the greatest picture of him.  We adopted him from a local cat rescue and it’s the photo they had of him on their website.  Once he settles in (and learns to sit still for more than 2 seconds) I’ll try to take some better pictures.  Karma, our older cat isn’t too pleased with the situation, but they’re tolerating each other without fighting, so things are going well.

Oh, heck, I suppose I should post a picture of Karma here too:


Karma looks more like a lion than Simba does, so I’m sure that’s going to confuse people.  I didn’t name either of my cats though.  They both came pre-named by the people I adopted them from.

Raiding Update

Obviously I’ve been a terrible slacker where it comes to my boss strategy posts.  I’m way too far behind to bother with doing more of them for this tier, and they wouldn’t be very relevant anyway since Patch 5.2 is right around the corner.  Oh well.  At least I seem to have helped a few guilds get that pesky Elegon down.

As for my guild, we’re currently 5/6 Heroic MSV, 1/6 Heroic HoF, and 4/4 Normal Terrace.  We’re not as far progressed as I had hoped we would be, but we’ve still done pretty well and I think we’re in good shape for next tier.

Our raid leader has started recording our boss kills and just uploaded our first ever video.  You should totally watch it, for several reasons:

  • The bloopers at the beginning, showing a few of our spectacular wipes.  (This is the best part, imo.)
  • Getting to see your favorite tree Druid (me) in action.
  • Getting to see your favorite tree Druid (me) lie dead for about half the fight.  >.<
  • Watching us barely squeak out a kill with one person left standing, because we’re so totally pro.

You can’t actually see my spectacular death in that video, but I got pinned down by Rain of Arrows right in the path of Flanking Orders and the DPS couldn’t free me quickly enough.  :(  But because I was dead I was able to take over calling out everything, which I personally think helped everyone else because they could focus on their jobs and not keep half an eye on the timers, so I still contributed to our victory, yay!  (At least, this is what I tell myself to feel better about my failure, LOL.)

Thanks for reading and continuing to stick around despite my sporadic update schedule!  :D

Levitate ALL the Things!

November 19, 2012

Sorry for posting so many of these lately, but farming on my Priest has become an endless source of amusement for me.  Did you know you can levitate both Tilled and Untilled Soil?

I grew turnips today because my husband requested that I try levitating a root vegetable.  Perhaps tomorrow I should try carrots.

So far I’ve discovered I can levitate tangled, parched, infested, alluring and growing crops. Unfortunately it’s not possible to levitate wild crops or occupied soil.  (But wouldn’t it have been awesome if you could lift up the occupied soil and reveal the virmen there?)

My Priest is still only level 85, so she hasn’t been gaining any rep with the Tillers yet and it will be a while before she has access to a plow — but I really want to see if it’s possible to plow while levitating.  If you’re a Priest with access to a plow please test it out and show me screenshots!  Bonus points if you’re in shadowform at the time, because a shadow plow has got to be more amusing than a normal plow.

Priest Farming is the Best Farming

November 18, 2012

Ok, so, not only can Smite healing hit Runty crops, but it turns out that crops can be Levitated!

I discovered this when I went to give myself the speed boost from Levitate and instead created a flying pumpkin.  I nearly died laughing!

Gotta Protect Those Runty Crops

November 14, 2012
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Runty crops are smaller and more delicate than other crops, and so it only makes sense that they’d need a little extra care, but this is ridiculous:

For some reason Smite healing can hit Runty crops and even proc Divine Aegis shields on a critical hit.  Too funny!


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