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Rolling My First Toon: A Retrospective

March 12, 2011

In late September, 2009, I decided to play World of Warcraft.

Well, technically I had already played WoW – a year or two previously I had rolled a Night Elf Hunter on a trial account.  I only played her for about a week before I got bored and stopped playing.  You see, that was back during the Burning Crusade expansion, so not only did hunters start without pets, but once they got pets it was a lot of work to keep those pets loyal and prevent them from running away.  Somehow I ran out of food and my pet was killed, and it was not happy when I revived it.  Before I could kill something that might drop meat to feed my pet, my pet had run away.  And every time I tamed a new pet, it would run away before I could kill something so that I would have food to feed it with.

Because I was on a trial account I couldn’t talk to anyone, which meant that I couldn’t ask for help.  It also meant that I couldn’t use the Auction House, so it was hard to make any gold.  I had taken skinning and leather-working as my professions, thinking I could make my own armor, but everything that I could make was of lower quality than what I was wearing.  You see, part of the reason I was broke was because I’d made a typical noob mistake and had bought some white quality leather armor from a vendor.  I didn’t realize that I would eventually be able to make better gear, so this made me think professions were useless.    I ran around Darnassus killing deer, (because they were easy to kill without a pet), skinning them and selling the skin to a vendor until I finally had enough money to buy some food so that I could tame a pet and feed it.  Why didn’t I just quest?  Well, the only quest in my log was one about killing harpies, and they kept killing me, and I didn’t know where to go to get more quests.  With my brand new pet at my side I finally went to go kill those harpies.  Only they killed me instead.  Again. I think my hunter was only about level 15 when I finally gave up.

However, by September of 2009 I had mostly forgotten just how badly I had played WoW.  Besides, my then-fiance, (now husband), was away at a conference for a week, so I had some time on my hands.  I figured that I would start a new trial account, play for a week, get bored, and never play again.

You are reading my World of Warcraft blog.  You already know how terribly wrong I was.

So, there I am, sitting at my computer, staring at the character creation screen.  What server should I choose?  Well, I didn’t want a PvP server.  I’d tried to play some other MMO long before – I forget which one – and I couldn’t even learn the controls because I was getting killed every 5 seconds.  So no world PvP for me!  An RP server?  Since I was going to be on a trial account I wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone, so there wasn’t going to be any role play in my life.  Besides, I didn’t want to interact with anyone – I just wanted to play solo.  Therefore, a Normal realm would obviously be the best choice.  High population servers seemed intimidating.  Low population servers might be too empty.  A Medium population seemed like the best bet.

That narrowed down my choices somewhat… but there was still too many to choose from!  Ok, my favorite letter of the alphabet is K…  I wanted a Normal server with a medium population that starts with the letter K.  Kargath!  I chose Kargath.

What class should I play?  Hmm… This took more thought.  Did I want to be a caster?  Did I want to run up to a monster and smack it in the face?  Did I want to heal other people?  I didn’t know what this “tanking” thing was…  Hybrid classes seemed promising.  After all, if I didn’t like a specific role or playstyle I could just switch to a different one without having to re-roll.  If I wanted both tanking and healing as options, that narrowed my choices down to Paladin or Druid.  If I rolled a Druid I’d also have a choice between melee DPS and caster DPS.  Besides, I’d get to be a shapeshifter, and how cool is that?  Right!  Druid it was!

One final choice remained!  Night Elf… or Tauren.  I had never wanted to play the “evil” side.  I didn’t want to be a villain, (and I didn’t realize that there are both good and evil things about both factions in WoW).  But I had bad memories of being a Night Elf, and if I was only going to play for a week or two then I might as well explore a new area.  Besides, the Night Elf forms were all blue and purple and girly.  I liked the more natural colored forms better.

There!  I had a cow.  A beautiful cow with reddish-brown fur and two white streaks across her nose.  She only needed a name.  A name beginning with K, obviously.  The first few names I tried were already taken, of course.  But finally I tried “Kashina”.  That name was available!  Hooray!  I wasn’t intending to play WoW for long.  I wasn’t intending to interact with other players.  It didn’t even cross my mind that people would forever shorten my name to Kash or Kash Cow.  And of course, today I can’t imagine her with any other name.

Kashina the Druid on the Kargath server.  I logged on and stood blinking in the light of a lovely Mulgore morning.  (Still the most beautiful starting zone!)  There was another cow in front of me with a golden exclamation mark over its head and a job for me to do.  It was the beginning of quite the adventure.

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  1. March 14, 2011 5:14 pm

    I too made the noob mistake and bought gear from the vendor. It was a pretty matching set and was MUCH better than the stuff I could make from leatherworking.

    Aww good old noob times.

    • March 14, 2011 7:26 pm

      I still think it’s a little odd that you aren’t supposed to buy the vendor gear. It’s like Blizzard deliberately set a trap for noobs. Why would they do that? I don’t understand.

  2. March 15, 2011 1:30 pm

    I felt so bad for you when reading this. xD When I first started playing I would have been totally screwed if it hadn’t been for my boyfriend sitting behind me and telling me what to do from time to time. But even like this I died like 20 times in the same stupid Troll cave. 😀
    Good for you you came back and figured it out in the end. Besides, who would have wanted to be a stupid Elf instead of an awesome Tauren lady? :))

    • March 15, 2011 1:45 pm

      Thanks! It would have been nice to have help starting out… Imagine what it must have been like at the very beginning, when everyone was a noob? That must have been fun. LOL

      • March 15, 2011 1:49 pm

        Oh yeah! I wish I had been there. ^_^

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