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In Which I Win Some and Lose One

April 1, 2011

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates lately.  I’ve been pretty busy both in game and in real life, and although I’ve been wanting to write a few posts I just haven’t had a chance to do so.

This week has been a lot better than last week overall, though we had a bit of guild drama yesterday too.  I think I’ll deal with the bad before I write about the good, so that I can end on a positive note.

The Bad News – /gkick

Sometimes the recruiting process goes awry.  My guild was founded for Cataclysm so we’re still pretty small, and we are also pretty selective about our members.  We have a very clear vision of what we want for our guild.  To us, a good atmosphere and quality people that are fun to play with is more important than raid progression, but we’re crazy enough to think that we can have progression too.  We are trying very hard to find good players that are also good people – but if we find a good person that maybe isn’t a top-notch player, we still want to have them around either as a social member or as someone we can train up to raid with us.  I, personally, as recruiting officer, am trying to be very clear with new recruits about what we are looking for, what our expectations are, and what recruits can expect from our guild.  So I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do when a recruit refuses to take what I say at face value and attributes all sorts of sinister motives to me and my fellow officers.

Last week I mentioned that we had recruited a new Pally tank and he had trouble dealing with adds.  I also mentioned that he seemed like a “really nice guy with a good attitude”.  Well, yesterday we had to /gkick him and report him to Blizzard.

You see, since last week this new Pally kept making remarks like, “You know, I’m not always fail”, or “See, I’m not a complete idiot”, every time we ran a dungeon or spoke to him.  This is despite the fact that everyone was always nice to him, as far as I know.  I told him that although we knew he’d had problems with picking up adds we could work with him on that and get him some practice, and that we could also switch things up so he could maybe main tank bosses instead.  I also told him that we were continuing to look for tanks in general, because we want to have enough tanks on our roster that we can still field raids if real life issues prevent a tank from playing, or if one of our tanks just needs a break.  I explained several times that we would rotate tanks in and out if necessary, just as we rotate DPS and healers, so if we recruited another tank he would still get to raid.

I did indeed manage to recruit a DK tank this week, (more on this later).  I let the Pally know that we would probably be bringing the DK to raid this week, but that he should show up in case we could bring him as well.  The Pally got very upset and defensive, saying that it was hard not to feel threatened, and that we were obviously going to replace him.  Again I reminded him of all the reasons why we want to have more tanks, and told him that he would still get to raid with us.

On Wednesday, the Pally showed up 1.5 hours late for raid.  Obviously we hadn’t waited for him, so our Warrior and DK were tanking.  The Pally made a snide comment in guild line about how the raid seemed to be going well and logged off before we could talk to him.  On Thursday, the Pally got himself into a pug Baradin Hold group just as we were forming up our raid group for BH and BWD.  The officer forming our group whispered the pally and asked if he was planning to raid with us, and the Pally proceeded to freak out at our officer about how we’d obviously replaced him, and we were such mean jerks about refusing to bring him to raids.  (He was using stronger language than I just did.)  So our officer said something along the lines of, “Sorry, we don’t think it’s going to work out then.  Good luck with your next guild,” and /gkicked him.  The Pally then harassed us in whispers and in vent, screaming and swearing at officers and members, until we’d put him on ignore and banned him from vent.  We also changed our vent password and reported his harassment to Blizzard.

To recap: A new recruit performed poorly but still expected to be guaranteed a raid spot, made it impossible for us to bring him to raid this week by being off-line or in a different raid group, then threw a temper-tantrum when we didn’t bring him to raid.  So much for my initial analysis of “really nice guy with a good attitude”.  Maybe I should have directed him to Part 3 of my How to be a Good Recruit Series, eh?  (Yes, I’m Canadian and that was an “eh”.)

Oh well.  I guess I should be glad that he showed his true colors so soon.  I also think we learned the valuable lesson that it’s not wise to /gkick someone right before raid…

The Good News – Just Like Coming Home

My first raiding guild was composed of a really tight knit group of people.  Most of the members either knew each other in real life or had been playing online games with each other for a decade or more.  I joined them during Wrath – yes, I’m a “Wrath Baby” – and they quickly trained me up and turned me into the raider I am today.  They taught me everything I know about being a good player, and they became my real life friends too.  It was more than just a guild, it was family.

It was always a very small guild leaning toward the casual end of the raiding scale, but that was by choice.  Everyone wanted to raid together or not at all, and we didn’t recruit to fill the inevitable vacancies that opened up when real life started to pull people away from the game.  At our height, we were downing a new boss or two every week and blitzed our way through ICC up to the Lich King.  But eventually we just couldn’t seem to get 10 people together at the same time and we started raiding not at all.  As Cataclysm drew closer the core group that wanted to raid and was available to raid got more and more frustrated at not raiding.  I, personally, wanted to kill Arthas before Cataclysm made him irrelevant.  So, after a great struggle with myself, I left my guild and joined another that was still actively raiding, and finally got my Kingslayer title.

I could have gone back to my old guild for Cataclysm, but they were still having the same problems filling a raid group.  Raiding is my favorite part of the game, and I just couldn’t go back to the frustration of showing up for raid, sitting around for two hours, and finally giving up for lack of people.  A couple other friends of mine were forming a brand new guild for Cataclysm, and eventually I joined them instead.  I still maintained my friendships with my old guild members, and I really missed playing with them.

This week, several members of my original raiding guild applied to join my new guild.  (One actually joined a couple weeks ago and has been raiding with us regularly ever since.)  So far, we’ve gained a phenomenal Shaman, a delicious Priest, a kick ass DK tank (who also kicks ass), and a Mage DPS machine.  I’ve heard that a couple others may follow, but who knows?

Anyway, I am totally thrilled!  It won’t be the same as it used to be (which is kinda good, because I didn’t really enjoy the “not raiding” part).  I don’t even know if they’ll all like it here and decide to stay.  But for now, I’m happy.  I have some of my family back.

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  1. April 1, 2011 11:31 pm

    Seems you guys were lucky he showed what he was really like. It’s always a shame though when it happens, especially since you need to do so many things: blocking, changing pw to vent etc. We’ve had a few ‘gems’ like that.

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