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A Guide to the Guild Finder – Part 2

May 10, 2011

WTB Guild Invite: Applying to guilds using the LFGuild tool.

Thinking about changing guilds?  Want to browse through the guild listings and see what your options are before typing that ultimate /gquit?  Well, you’re out of luck.  You can only access the Looking For Guild tool if you are currently unguilded.  If, however, you are homeless and crave the shelter that only a guild tag can bring, you might want to check out the Looking For Guild tool.

When you are unguilded the LFGuild tool replaces the standard guild pane, and is accessed in the same way.  I think by default the guild pane is bound to the letter “O”, though I have changed my keybinds and no longer remember for sure.  You can also click on the LFGuild icon in your UI.

The Guild Finder has three tabs along the top: Settings, Browse, and Requests.  Before you can browse or send requests you need to fill out the “Settings” tab.

Your entries on the “Settings” tab serve two purposes.  Firstly, what you enter on this form will become your guild application.  Secondly, your selections are your search parameters.  For example, let’s say you put a check mark indicating that one of your interests is PvP.  When you later browse for guilds, you will see all guilds that listed PvP as one of their interests.  Now let’s say you are also interested in raiding, so you put a check mark in that box too.  You will now see all the guilds that listed either PvP or Raiding as an interest.  If a guild chose Raiding but did not choose PvP, you will still see them.  There is no option to search for guilds that list all the interests you chose.  This means that the fewer options you choose, the more narrow your search result will be.  I would personally recommend limiting your search as much as possible in order to narrow down your choices.

Sadly, you can’t be very specific about your availability.  You probably want to check off both options unless you are absolutely not available on weekdays or weekends.

Next you need to select your preferred roles.  Do not select a role that you are unwilling or unable to perform!  If you play a Shadow Priest, and absolutely refuse to heal, do not select healer.

Finally, you have a chance to write a very short comment about yourself.  Do not leave this section blank!  This tiny text box is the only chance you have to personalize your application and make prospective guilds want to talk to you.  Unfortunately, you can enter more text into the box than will actually be visible to a guild.  Only four lines of about 40 characters each will be shown – anything more than that will be cut off.  Since you cannot check how your message will appear, I would recommend only using about three lines of text.  Because there’s no way such a short message can really do you justice, a prospective guild will probably want to talk to you to find out more about you.  Be prepared for their follow up.  The guidelines in my earlier posts about how to be a good recruit still apply, but most importantly: be polite, be honest and use proper spelling and grammar.

When your settings have been entered it’s time to press the “Browse Guilds” button at the bottom.  This will take you into the “Browse” tab.  Here you can scroll through a list of all the guilds that matched your settings.  On the left of each entry you can see the guild tabard with the guild level inset.  The number underneath the guild tabard and next to the crest is the number of guild achievement points.  To the right of the guild name is the number of guild members.  When you mouse over a guild there will be a pop-up to the right of the Guild Finder listing the Interests of the guild, the guild’s Availability, and Class Roles that the guild is looking for.

There will also be a short description of the guild, (assuming they filled that part out), which you can read to get a sense of what the guild is all about.  Remember they have just as little space to describe themselves as you did, and some of their description may have been cut off, so you won’t be able to learn much.

To apply to a guild just click on the guild to select it, then click on the “Request Membership” button.  A confirmation window will pop up in the middle of the screen, and you will have the option of editing your comment.  Press “Send” to submit your request or “Cancel” to change your mind.

Once you send a request the message “Guild Request Sent” will cover over the guild listing.  Remember that you can only apply to a maximum of 10 guilds at any one time, so try to be selective.  You might also want to look up prospective guilds on the Armory.  Some guilds might have a recruiting post up on your realm forums as well, and a forum post will likely have much more information about the guild.

After applying to a guild you will see a number appear on the third tab next to the word “Requests”.  This indicates how many guilds you have sent applications too.  You can also see how many more requests you are allowed to send by looking in the bottom right corner of the Guild Finder.  To view your pending requests click on the “Requests” tab.

The Requests tab is not very complicated.  It’s just a handy list of any guilds you have applied to and how many days are left before each application expires.  If you mouse over a guild you will get another pop-up – but despite the guild name at the top of the pop-up, it lists your information, not the guild’s!  I imagine this is a bug… as it would be much more useful to see the guild’s settings.  To cancel your application you can mouse over the name of the guild and then click the little red circle on the right end of the bar.

Now you just sit back and wait for a guild to contact you!  While you’re waiting, you might want to join me in Part 3 of this series for a little rant about how poorly designed the Guild Finder is.

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  1. May 13, 2011 8:29 am

    Very nicely done! The screenshots are great! I think the new system, while not without flaws, is a very useful tool for helping people find guilds and managing people interested in your guild.

  2. May 13, 2011 11:20 am

    This looks so dumb. (The guild finder thingy, that is, not your blog. Your blog looks very nice.) With luck, though, it’ll be like the LFG tool–starting out useless and then evolving into godly.

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