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Healing Touch is Currently Bugged in Random Heroics

August 10, 2011

The other day we recruited a brand new pally tank.  He’d taken a bit of a break from the game, so his gear is around an average ilvl of 340 or thereabouts, so we decided to run him through a few heroics for upgrades.  At his gear level he’s a bit squishy, so I found myself relying on Healing Touch more often than I normally do in heroics.  After a few minutes I noticed something really odd – Healing Touch was not properly refreshing Lifebloom.

For all you non-Druids out there, let me briefly explain.  Lifebloom is one of our most important spells, not so much because of its healing, but because it gives us Revitalize to restore mana and procs Malfurion’s Gift giving us free spells.  This means that we want 3 stacks of Lifebloom up on the tank at all times.  We also have a talent called Empowered Touch, which gives us a 100% chance to refresh Lifebloom with Nourish, Regrowth and Healing Touch.  Or, well, at least it’s supposed to.  But in the random dungeons Healing Touch was not properly refreshing Lifebloom, so the stack would fall off unless I refreshed it another way.

At first I wondered if I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing.  Maybe my UI was just screwing up and not displaying things properly?  To confound the issue, Healing Touch would occasionally behave properly and refresh the stacks, making me wonder if I was just going insane.  However, after several heroics it was obvious that there really was a problem.  I submitted a help ticket and got a response back asking for more information.  So I did some testing.  Here were my results:

  • While standing in Org and rolling Lifebloom on myself, Healing Touch correctly refreshed stacks.
  • I walked to Grim Batol and zoned in by myself.  Healing Touch correctly refreshed stacks.
  • I aggroed a trogg in Grim Batol to see if being in combat had any effect.  Healing Touch correctly refreshed stacks.
  • Gathering up some guildies I queued for a troll dungeon.  Bingo!  Healing Touch no longer refreshed Lifebloom consistently.  Every once in a while it would refresh the stack, but most of the time it did not.  It didn’t matter whether I was in combat or out of combat.  Likewise, the remaining duration on the Lifebloom stack had no effect on whether or not the stack refreshed.
  • In every situation Nourish and Regrowth refreshed Lifebloom normally.

I submitted another ticket to Blizzard with the results of my testing.  Within about half an hour I had a response back from a GM saying that they had reviewed my logs and could see that there was, indeed, a bug affecting Healing Touch and Lifebloom in random heroics and that they had forwarded my logs to the testers and developers.  Woot!  I’m not crazy after all!

Some of you might be wondering what the big deal is.  I mean, why not just refresh Lifebloom some other way?  Well, first of all, you get used to how your spells normally behave, and when they start behaving differently it can throw off your timing.  And let me tell you, Druids are all about timing and making sure HoTs refresh properly.

Secondly, if Lifebloom falls off, it takes 3 GCDs to get the stack back, and that’s 3 GCDs in which I’m not doing any other healing.  Since I’m only going to pull out Healing Touch during times of high incoming damage, taking the three seconds to rebuild the stack might cause a tank death.

Finally, even if I know that Healing Touch isn’t going to properly refresh Lifebloom, I then have to juggle around all my other spells to make sure I can refresh the stacks.  For example: “Quick!  There’s 3 seconds left on Lifebloom and the tank is dropping fast!  Swiftmend is on CD!  Do I have enough time to cast Healing Touch and then refresh the stack, or should I refresh the stack first?  Will that cause a tank death?  Maybe I have enough time to use Nature’s Swiftness + Healing Touch and then refresh the stack?”  Now, if Healing Touch was working properly, there wouldn’t even be a decision to be made – I’d just cast Healing Touch.

So, if you are a Druid, and you are also experiencing this bug, I encourage you to do some testing and then submit a help ticket in game.  The more information the developers have the easier it will be for them to figure out what’s causing the problem and fix it.

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