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Garrosh is my Guildie

September 6, 2011
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That’s right!  I bet you didn’t realize that Garrosh Hellscream, the new Warchief of the Horde, is actually a member of Electric Mayhem.  It’s true!  And I am proud to announce that he is adding his own voice to what I’m starting to think of as the Electric Mayhem Family of Blogs.

The Warchief does a better job of introducing himself than I ever could, so I’ll just quote him:

My name is Garrosh Hellscream, and if you don’t know who that is you’ve probably been living under a rock or something, and you should probably go back there, or maybe I can just put you under one after I crush your fucking skull with a boulder with my bare hands, because I can do that, you know, pick a boulder right the fuck on up and slam it down and…okay, fuck, there I go again.  Dammit I wish this stupid thing had a way to erase this shit after I say it.

So, getting back on topic.  I am Garrosh, son of Grom, mighty and awesome Warchief of the Horde!  Recognize, bitches!  And stop bothering me with all the fucking paperwork.  I mean seriously, Thrall did NOT warn me there would be so many forms to fill out.  Back in Nagrand I didn’t even know what “triplicate” was, and now…ugh.  Anyway, I was talking to Eitrigg during a GLORIOUS AND HONORABLE afternoon of armament requisition forms (Really, I’m the fucking Warchief, don’t I have underlings or something who can handle this shit?), and he suggested that I might find it helpful to start a blog to work out my ideas and vent my frustrations.  He said that writing out your thoughts can help with stress and anger management, and I get the stress part, but come on, is he really suggesting I have anger issues, because if he is I swear on the spirits if he wasn’t all buddy-buddy with Thrall I would positively fucking heroic throw him clear across the Southfury, and…okay, never mind, he’s probably going to see this.  Shit.  Somebody really has to invent a way to erase things like that.

Whether you love or hate Garrosh, I’m sure you will find his blog incredibly entertaining.  Join him as he struggles to master the use of the backspace key, inspects various Horde outposts, gets trolled in Barrens chat, replies to his mail bag, writes “EPIC VERSE!” and explores the rich lore of Azeroth.

Why are you still here?  Go find out what Garrosh has been saying on The Warchief’s Command Board!

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  1. Garrosh Hellscream permalink
    September 7, 2011 6:23 pm

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOYAL SUPPORT OF YOUR WARCHIEF, loyal minion Kashina! I would offer to return your support by reading your blog regularly in kind, but I’m looking it over now, and fuck there’s a lot of words here. Big ones, too, all over the place. What are you, an inscriptionist or something?

    Anyway! As fitting reward for your post about the Command Board, I’m going to provide you with a fitting tribute here, EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE IN THE COMMENTS OF YOUR VERY OWN BLOG, one that no doubt will be handed down for GENERATIONS ON END in the Kashina family as a mark of ancestral pride. Enjoy.

    There once was a cow named Kashina
    Who wasn’t so hot at Arena.
    I charged, cleaved, and beat her,
    Took hours to defeat her,
    Two days later I got a subpoena.


    • September 9, 2011 1:37 pm

      Thank you, warchief! I am honored to be mentioned in one of your epic verses. Even if you are referencing my abysmal arena rating. I’m sorry! I’m a Druid! I heal things, I don’t kill them… 😦

  2. September 7, 2011 10:32 pm

    Comedy. Gold.

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