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Blogging is Contagious

September 28, 2011

I think we might have created a monster.

It all started when my good friend Minstrel decided to start a WoW blog.  “Hey, cool!” I said.  “I’ve been thinking about starting a WoW blog for months, maybe I should too!”

For several months, Minstrel and I quietly went about the business of writing our blogs, slowly gathering page views and a few followers.  Then our guildie and faction leader Garrosh Hellscream discovered the internet and founded his own (incredibly entertaining) blog as well.

Now, only a month later, I am happy to announce the newest member of the Electric Mayhem Family of Blogs!  Hysan, the main tank of our second raid team, has just started up Transmogrify Me, a blog about (what else?) transmogrification.

Hysan is a talented artist in his own right, so he has an eye for good design.  I’m sure he’ll come up with some amazing transmog set ideas, and provide sound advice for those looking to create their own unique looks.  Check out his blog at and say hi to him for me!

Who will be the next guildie to jump on the blogging band wagon?  Time alone will tell.

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