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Our Second Group Kills Bosses Too

September 29, 2011

The Sun/Mon group hasn’t been taking screenshots of their group first kills, but they made the mistake of bringing my alt Kaylira with them this week, so I posed them and took pictures.  Muahahaha!  They got two new bosses down, putting them at 6/7.  Congratulations, everyone!

Alysrazor dropped her mount, (a fact that is sure to inspire jealousy in the Wed/Thurs raiders), and we were so excited about it that we forgot to take the screenshot before the boss de-spawned.  But the mount is in the picture, so that counts, right?  Also, Hysan won the roll, so we all hate him now.  (Just kidding.  Mostly…)  😛

If you look closely you can see Kirima sobbing over Staghelm’s corpse.  Not because she’s mourning his demise, but because he refused to drop his Flamescythe.  Two feral druids in the raid and not a single Flamescythe drop?  Figures.  He must have known.

They also made some solid progress on Ragnaros, managing to get him to the second transition phase!

A Note on how EM Views the Second Group, for Those of You That Have Read This Far

We do not like having a “A Team” and “B Team” mentality.  Sure, the Sun/Mon group is less progressed than the Wed/Thurs group, but that doesn’t make them second class citizens.  They haven’t progressed as far because they were founded later and have therefore not worked together as long; they haven’t developed a stable roster yet, so they’ve had to have people fill in on alts and off-specs fairly frequently; and some of their members have not had much raid experience in Cataclysm, so they haven’t had much time to gear up yet.  Does this make them “bad” players?  Does this mean they aren’t as important as the first group?  Of course not!

Now, it is true that the second group has a bit of a mixed bag of skill levels at the moment, I’m not denying that.  There are people in the second group that would fit seamlessly into the first group.  There are also people that need to improve their skills, but that’s true of people in the first group too.  (Myself definitely included.)  As people practice they get better, that’s just how these things work.  No one starts off as a highly skilled raider.

My point is that we, the EM officers, think that the success of the second group is just as important as the success of the first group.  Success doesn’t necessarily mean obtaining guild firsts — it means progressing and having fun.  We don’t want people to feel that joining the second group means they are somehow less prestigious than people in the first group.  We would also love to see the second group catch up to the first in terms of progression and give us some healthy competition for guild firsts!

Oh Heck, I Might as Well Recruit While I’m at it…

Speaking of the second group, we are still looking for some key members.  In particular, we need two healers that can raid consistently — Paladin, Priest or Shaman preferred.  (We’ve been filling healer slots with alts and off-specs, and it would be nice to no longer have to.)

We are Electric Mayhem of Kargath (US).  We are Horde, not Alliance scum!  Our second group raids Sun/Mon from 8 PM – Midnight (EST).  You can find out more about us or apply on our website at

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  1. September 29, 2011 12:46 pm

    Grats on the kills! I’ll help you strangle Hysan if it means I get a ride on his new mount.

    Hmm … I’m free on Sun/Mon … but I don’t have another paladin leveled yet! I do have a level 30ish one somewhere that I might could transfer, but I’m not sure I could guarantee getting him raiding. I’d probably come hang out and make an effort at leveling up though, if you’d have me under those conditions.

    • September 29, 2011 12:49 pm

      LOL you’re crazier than Slice!

    • September 29, 2011 1:03 pm

      We do accept social members, so you wouldn’t have to raid with us if you just wanted a place to level yet another Paladin. (Seriously, how many did you say you have now? Four?) But yeah, if you want to transfer a toon to us, I’m sure that would be fine. I should still make you fill out the app though. 😛

      • September 29, 2011 2:35 pm

        App submitted, although you may regret having to read it all. Seriously, I think I could use it for NaNoWriMo.

    • Arvash permalink
      September 29, 2011 2:30 pm

      you are crazy, pallygrind…

      • September 30, 2011 11:09 am

        crazier than you but not by much …

  2. September 29, 2011 12:50 pm

    Grats on the 2nd team getting bosses down!

    I don’t doubt that you guys will have both teams neck and neck soon.

  3. Arvash permalink
    September 29, 2011 2:35 pm

    Grats on Fire Anzu! I think the original still looks better though, lol.

    • September 29, 2011 3:16 pm

      Thank you! 😀

      I have the original but I want the Fire one too. At least the fire one looks better than the weird purple fire one.

  4. September 29, 2011 3:55 pm

    Congrats on the second group. It’s good not to call them Team A and Team B. Though I know that system is usually just for identification, it is too quickly ranked, like Team B doesn’t feel as good. We always referred to them as the night they raided. We thought though that we should give them crazy names. Like Raid Group Kitten Rainbows and Raid Group Death Bunnies. Or whatever.

    • September 29, 2011 3:56 pm

      Seriously though, what’s cuter than a rainbow, made of kittens.

    • September 29, 2011 4:50 pm

      We hate referring to them by letters or numbers because of the implied value judgement in that sort of label. So we’ve been prodding both groups to name themselves for weeks, and while suggestions have occasionally been thrown around no decision has ever been made. I’ll have to poke them some more and try to get names pinned down.

  5. September 30, 2011 10:43 am

    hmmm I have 85 alts laying around…..

    • September 30, 2011 10:44 am


      You are already raiding 4 nights a week.

      • September 30, 2011 11:09 am

        Yeah, so am I … this would be my last two free nights. Bowling is every other Thursday.

        I didn’t actually promise I would get to 85 .. just that I would come have fun and see where it goes. It’s so easy to level another paladin though … I got 2 levels yesterday without trying!

      • September 30, 2011 11:12 am

        Yeah but you don’t have your long distance girlfriend moving in with you though

      • September 30, 2011 11:56 am

        Wish I did, I could use a maid!

      • September 30, 2011 11:57 am

        Wow . . .

        just wow

    • September 30, 2011 11:14 am

      I think Koala might kill me if you started raiding with us too. XD


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