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Fun with Alts: A Random Update

February 29, 2012

I promised myself that I was going to post something on my blog today.  Unfortunately, all the big, fancy, content-rich posts that I’ve been planning on writing have still not been written.  But dammit, I’m going to post something anyway!  Because I told myself that I was going to.  So here I am, posting something on my blog.  Like a boss.  Aren’t you all lucky?

Let’s see… what’s been going on for me in WoW-land lately?

Oh yes!  Khizzara, my mage that I’ve been working on for months, (and who’s name I stole as my user name here), finally hit 85 about two weeks ago.  Huzzah!  It took forever to level her… The level 1-60 Cata experience is awesome, but it was hellish trying to force myself to go through Outland, Northrend and the new 80-85 zones for the 6th time.  (Yes, I now have 6 max level toons.  And yes, I am a bit insane.)

My original plan for Khizzara was to level her as Fire, because, well, everyone levels as Frost and I wanted to be different.  Also because she’s a Goblin Mage engineer/alchemist, so the fiery explosions suit the whole mad scientist thing she’s got going on.  But then at level 30 I dual-specced her Arcane, and somehow never went back to Fire.

Arcane is like the most awesome spec for an alt.  The rotation is very simple, especially before you get Mastery at level 80 and have to start worrying about mana.  I know it irritates people who play Arcane as their main spec to hear people calling it a “two button” spec, but if you don’t have the time or motivation to learn something complicated, you can easily get away with just pushing Arcane Blast with the occasional Arcane Missiles thrown in.  And I gotta say, sometimes it’s a lot of fun to just jump on an alt and start mashing buttons.

Retribution used to be that relaxing alt spec for me during Wrath.  I could just jump on my pally and mash buttons to win.  It was great!  I could have done more DPS if I’d actually known what I was doing, but my Pally was my third alt, and her main spec was Holy, so it was nice to be able to just have fun and deal respectable damage without having to spend hours researching and practicing her off spec.

Sure, there’s a joy that comes with knowing your class inside out and being able to squeeze every last drop of performance from it, but there’s also a joy in being able to just mindlessly jump in the fray.  The Pally changes in Cata ruined Ret for me because now you have to actually know how to play it, otherwise there’s no way you can pull your weight.  At the beginning of the expansion I just had no time for that, because I was dealing with re-learning how to heal on my main.  Later I just didn’t care enough for how totally dependent on random procs Ret is now.  Playing Ret used to feel joyous and effortless, and now it just seems clunky and awkward.

But anyway… I was playing Khizzara as Arcane, because it’s fun.  However, her lack of AoE was starting to bother me, and her first time in LFR she sat at the very bottom of the damage meters, which was a little embarrassing.  Her poor performance is probably a combination of crappy gear and my lack of skill playing her… but it also inspired me to finally fill out her Fire talents and try Fire again.

Fire is a LOT more complicated than Arcane, which is a different kind of fun.  (Also, watching an instant cast Pyroblast slam into something is always awesome.)  I still suck at playing it… I can’t get the burst with Fire that I can get with Arcane (no surprise there), and so far my sustained DPS is only maybe 2k more than Arcane.  Also, I feel mana-starved as Fire.  That seems ironic, since Arcane is the one with the whole Mana-Adept thing going on.

So I’ll keep playing around with it and see if I can improve at either Mage spec.  I can see why so many people play them as mains — they are a lot of fun!  But I still prefer healing.

Speaking of which, I dropped my Priest’s Shadow spec yesterday.  I never really got the hang of the Shadow thing, and I haven’t used it much since I stopped doing the Molten Front dailies.  It seems silly to hang onto a DPS spec when I only ever heal on her, so I thought I’d pick up Holy again.

I actually leveled Kaylira as Holy/Shadow, right up until about level 73.  Then I dropped Shadow for Disc because I had it on good authority that it was totally possible to quest as Disc and still kill things quickly.  And it’s true!  Below max-level it’s possible to dispatch mobs with brutal efficiency and with greater survivability and better mana management than Shadow.  However, by the time I got to the Molten Front dailies it was taking forever to kill things as Disc, (it was still possible, it was just irritating).  So I dropped Holy and picked up Shadow.

The reason I dropped Holy instead of Disc is because Holy was so much less mana efficient.  At the time my gear was terrible, so that was a huge consideration.  I was also healing 5-man exclusively, and Disc felt like it was better for tank healing.  Those two factors meant that I had been healing solely as Disc in Cata content anyway.

But yeah, I decided to drop Shadow and pick up Holy again.  As I said, this was mostly because I haven’t used my Shadow spec in months, but it’s also because I was starting to get irritated at all those Holy Priests in LFR who were blowing me away on the healing meters.  I know, I know, the meters don’t mean anything, especially for healers.  Except that they do, and especially in LFR, where you might actually get kicked for poor performance on Ultraxion, even if that was because the other healers took all the crystals for themselves.  *shakes fist*  I’ve never been in actual danger of being kicked, but ok, maybe I’m a bit competitive about these things…  >.>

So, yesterday I put together a Holy spec and queued up for LFR.  The first half of LFR was mostly me trying to remember what the hell my spells were and what I should use them for, but I came in a respectable 3rd on the healing meters.  Then I queued for the second half, and omg, I rocked!  I didn’t manage to get the red crystal on Ultraxion, but I did get the green one, and I did like 37% of the overall healing!  (Granted, this might mean more that the other healers just sucked, but I’m still going to feel good about it, ok?)  I was over 30k hps, which seems decent for someone with an ilvl of 388, playing a spec at max level for the first time, with the green crystal.  I did well in the rest of the run too, so I’m pretty stoked about this Holy Priest thing at the moment.  Hopefully I’ll get to bring her to an alt raid soon and see how I do in normal Dragon Soul.

Well, I guess that’s enough babbling for now.  Yay!  I posted something!  Lookit me, being a blogger and everything.  ^_^

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  1. February 29, 2012 11:41 pm

    Yay for posts!

  2. March 1, 2012 1:30 pm

    Grats on 85!

    Arcane rocks at lower levels. I started my Mage as Frost but the constant bubbling sound was irritating and I didn’t want to manage a pet, so I switched to Fire and that was fun. When I got dual spec I tried Arcane and never looked back.

    Think my Mage is only level 70 but I seem to hit the wall at Outland/Northrend with all my characters.

    It takes a massive force of will to get any of my alts to 80 😀

    • March 1, 2012 2:10 pm

      Oh, I hear you on that one. Levels 1-60 are so much fun now, but they go by so quickly and then it’s just grinding for ages by sheer force of will. I love all my toons when they get to max level, but the actual leveling is pretty arduous.

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