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Transmog Week: Day 2 — Karalina

March 6, 2012


Day 2 of Transmog week features my Death Knight, Karalina.

Part of the reason I was so excited about transmog is that I had been saving Karalina’s starting DK blues for years.  In my opinion, the original armor that DKs receive in their starting zone is the iconic Death Knight look — none of the other armor sets even come close.  My only regret is that I didn’t save her starting greens, which also look beautiful and iconic.

Of course, as I said on Day 1, there’s something a bit too easy and a little boring about using a full gear set for transmog.  Perhaps especially for DK, since there are many who agree with me that this is the set is the epitome of DK fashion, so there are a lot of people using it.  (Don’t worry, I’m saving some more creative sets for later in the week.)

This set is called Saronite War Battleplate, and is only available to DKs who complete their starting zone.  I thought Blizzard was going to make replicas available through the Darkmoon Faire, but I don’t see them in game.  I checked Ebon Hold briefly, but didn’t see anything there either.  Does anyone know if they’re available somewhere else?  **Update: All the DK starting gear is available in Ebon Hold from Quartermaster Ozorg.  You have to be a DK to make a purchase, and the prices are very reasonable.  (Most of the items are available for a few silver.)  And this is the real gear too, not replica. So I now have a full set of greens and all the weapons. Thanks for the tip, Minstrel!

Anywhere, here’s a list of all the pieces:

The cloak is actually one of three options that baby DKs have to choose from.  The other options are the striking red and black Sky Darkener’s Shroud of Blood, and the fairly ugly (in my opinion) Sky Darkener’s Shroud of the Unholy.

Eagle-eyed readers will have undoubtedly noticed that I’m not using one of the DK starting weapons.  The reason for this is simple: I chose the DK sword but am unfortunately wielding a mace at the moment.  Thankfully, Akirus the Worm-Breaker is a beautiful weapon that perfectly matches this set.  However, if I ever upgrade to a sword you can bet I’ll be ‘mogging it into my Greatsword of the Ebon Blade.

The other choice for starting DK’s is the Greataxe of the Ebon Blade.  Personally, I prefer the look of the sword, (which is why I chose it), but I wish I could pick up a replica for future axe-wielding transmog, because it is a stunning and unique model.

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  1. March 6, 2012 7:42 pm

    You can buy the replicas at the quartermaster in Ebon Hold, who looks like a big abomination.

    This guy:

    He has the blue starter gear, the green starter gear and the weapons! So you can reclaim the greens and the axe!

    (Oddly, he even has the jewelry, which is kindof irrelevant to transmog, but…)

    • March 6, 2012 10:25 pm

      Oooh, awesome! I looked around a little, but I didn’t see him there. I’ll have to look again. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

  2. March 7, 2012 3:37 pm

    I always picked the sword, too. Then again, I have mentioned before on my blog how I am a huge fan of big ole 2H swords.

    I like this set a lot. Much better than the starting greens (I hate the footwraps and hood and robe/dress/kilt on that set). Of course, that being said, the only DKs I have that are actually wearing it right now are still in Outlands. 😛

    Other sets I liked a lot are T7 from Naxx and T10 from ICC.

    • March 8, 2012 7:52 pm

      The DK starting greens look good on a female Draenei in particular, but in general I do prefer the blues.

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