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Transmog Week: Day 4 — Kimea

March 8, 2012


This is my Holy Paladin, Kimea.  Her gear set is not my favourite.  It looks ok… but I didn’t have much to work with, so I feel dissatisfied.  (Don’t worry, I’ve got some really awesome transmog sets to show you tomorrow and Saturday, so stay tuned!)

Kimea is at a disadvantage when it comes to transmog.  First of all, she’s an enchanter, which means that she destroys her gear almost as fast as she earns it.  As a result, she had almost no gear available when transmog came out.

Secondly, as some of you might remember from previous posts, I haven’t been playing Kimea this expansion.  I fully intended to play her, and every so often I’ve made an effort to pull her out of retirement, but something about her just isn’t working for me.  (Mostly I blame the changes to Ret this expansion.  Which might be ironic, since she’s Holy…)

Anyway, for my most recent attempt to revive my interest in her, I decided to make her into my PvP toon.  After all, I really like the Paladin Season 11 gear and would like to have it for future transmogging.  There’s a few problems with this plan though: I don’t spend a lot of time PvPing; I don’t play my Paladin very well; and the Season 11 gear is only obtainable with conquest points.  This means it’s going to take me forever to earn it by just running the occasional battleground.  😦

But one side effect of my tentative foray into Pally PvP is that I went out and purchased a full set of ilvl 377 PvP blue gear.  This is the first full gear set Kimea has ever had, so for once in her life she’s not a total fashion disaster.

There are only three pieces of her ensemble that are actually transmogged at the moment, but here is the full list of gear anyway:

Kimea is using the Vicious Ornate Pyrium gear because she’s specced Holy.  You can also get exactly the same look using the Bloodthirsty Ornate Pyrium gear — the only difference is the Bloodthirsty gear is slightly lower in ilvl.  If you’d prefer red instead of purple, the same look is also available in strength plate as Vicious Pyrium/Bloodthirsty Pyrium gear.  All four sets are crafted items, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your hands on them.

The cloak I’m using is the Periwinkle Cloak, which drops from Lady Naz’jar in Throne of the Tides, but there’s about a million look-alike versions available in Cata content.  It won’t be hard to get your hands on one if you like the look.  I’m using it because the purple matches the set nicely, and I had one on hand.  There are probably other color options that would work nicely too.

Kimea is using a Fel-Iron Shield, which is a random green drop from Burning Crusade content.  I’m so glad I kept this instead of disenchanting it!  This shield is very awesome, especially for horde players (obviously).

Finding a weapon to transmog was difficult.  I do have a few cool weapons stored on Kimea, but they’re all swords.  This doesn’t help at all when it’s a mace I need to ‘mog…  Finally I decided to see if the game would allow me to transmog to an heirloom, and it totally did!  Yay!  You can get your own Devout Aurastone Hammer from the heirloom vendors, or you can try to grab a real one off Garr in Molten Core.  There are also a couple of look-alikes in game that you can try to get your hands on.

As an aside, this was the most difficult transmog week post to write, and I almost decided to skip her.  Getting screenshots was more of a pain in the ass than I had expected, and I had to try four different locations before I found one I liked, and even so I’m not entirely happy with them.  Getting a shot of her weapon was even worse  — her combat animations either look dorky or are plagued by clipping issues.  Oh, holy pally!  Why do you make me hate you so?

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  1. March 9, 2012 11:25 am

    That shield is one of my favorites. I might have to try designing a set to use it with …

  2. March 9, 2012 11:33 am

    I have to agree – that shield is totally awesome! I’d be tempted to build a transmog set around it just to show it off!

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