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Mog Madness Round 2 Entry

March 30, 2012

Mog Madness

Some of you might be looking at the title of this post and thinking, “What’s Mog Madness?  And hey, wait– Round 2?  Where’s Round 1?”  Don’t worry, for all shall be explained.

Mog Madness is a transmogrification contest being co-hosted by three blogs: Effraeti’s RP, Amateur Azerothian, and Tome of the Ancient.  For Round  1 they asked people to submit outfits for any of the cloth wearing classes, so I submitted my Priest’s transmog set.  I entered on a whim and I didn’t expect to win.  Mostly I just wanted to see all the other pretty entries and figured that entering myself would remind me to check the results.  However, to my absolute surprise and delight I tied for first place!

And that was when I realised that I’d misunderstood the nature of the contest.  You see, I assumed that because Round 1 was for Cloth outfits the subsequent rounds would be for different armor types.  I figured that I would only enter a round if I had a really good outfit of whatever armor type, and otherwise I would just observe.  But, oh no!  That’s not how this contest is organized!  It’s actually more like Survivor — the entries with the lowest scores are eliminated while everyone else moves on to the next round.  Anyone who is eliminated gets to stay on as a judge and vote for their favourites in later rounds.  This means that winning the first round obligated me to enter the second round as well!

To make Round 2 even more interesting the judges added a twist.  They chose a specific polearm model that we had to base the set around.  Because it’s a polearm the round would be limited to Hunters and Druids only — so either Mail or Leather armor.  So, of course, I created one set of each armor type.

Now I can’t decide which set to enter.  I’ve been staring at these images for two days!  I like them both, and I don’t know how to decide between them.  I solicited opinions from several friends and the votes were split exactly down the middle!  (GAH!  No help at all!)  What I’m going to do is to write up descriptions for both, in the hope that doing so will help me decide.  Then I’ll edit this post to put the set I’m entering first and the set I’m not entering second.  (That process will be hidden from your perspective, dear reader.)

Ok?  Ready?  I can do this! Go!

** Three hours later, including a few sanity breaks… **

Graaaah!  It’s still so hard to decide!  I feel like no matter which outfit I pick it will be the wrong one and the judges will have liked the other one better.  But I need to pick one.  Just one.  Ok, Magic 8 Ball, which one should I enter?

The answer is… The Mail Armor Set!

The Mail Armor Potential Official Entry

“Which class do you think best epitomizes BOTH the Hunter and the Shaman class?”
“Alliance or Horde?”
“Yeah, that was my thought too.”

There’s something about putting a Hunter in a dress that really tickles my fancy.  Perhaps because skirts are just never designed with Hunters in mind.  Perhaps because I picture them getting all tangled up in the underbrush as they stalk their quarry.  Or perhaps because it blends the Hunter and Shaman class expectations in a way that messes with the minds of others.  Whatever the reason, I just really wanted to put a Hunter in a skirt.  Because the final look was such a perfect blend of Hunter/Shaman I wanted to have a model that epitomized both philosophies.  That could only be a Dwarf.

  • Weapon:  There were actually two polearms we could use: Glaive of the Pit and Marrowstrike.  They are the same model and color, but Glaive of the Pit has a fiery enchant-like effect on it.  For my red-haired Hunter gal I chose to go with the Glaive.
  • LegsReplica Kilt of Elements.  As I said above, I really wanted to put my Hunter in a skirt.  This kilt is absolutely perfect with this polearm too.  It has the right color palette and has many golden triangular elements that compliment the spikiness of the polearm.  Also, the orangish-brown panel in the center plays off the weapon enchant-effect and the color of  our model’s hair.  However, it’s a bit of a pain to farm as it’s only available from the Darkmoon Faire replica armor vendor.
  • Chest: Rift Stalker Hauberk.  This chest piece is a great match for the kilt.  It has the blue, brown and gold coloration, the triangular bits, and it even picks up the lighter blue color of the “gems” in the kilt.  It also has a chain-mail texture in the details that I very much like, as I prefer my gear to look like it’s made of the material it’s supposed to be made of.
  • Shoulders: Stormforged Shoulders.  I chose these shoulders to balance out the browns in the kilt, and also to add another shamanistic type of element.  Again, there’s a spiky motif going on here.  (The spikes match the bow I picked out for her too.)  Also, the fur trim plays off the similar trim in the kilt.
  • Wrists: Bands of the Celestial Archer.  I’m really sad that you can’t see these.  For one thing, they have an awesome name; but for another, they look just like the gloves, only more form-fitting.  I loved the form-fitting look, but it seems there are absolutely no short, bracer-revealing, mail gloves.  So disappointing.  😦
  • Hands: Rift Stalker Gauntlets.  Similar to the look of the bracers, only not quite so lovely.  Still, they are from the same set as the chest-piece, and a very nice match for the outfit overall.  They have the same colors, some chain-mail detailing, little dots that match the belt (which I’ll get to in a moment), and it also has some fluid curved lines that remind me of the drape of the kilt.  This is perhaps easiest to see in the back view.

  • Back: Speaking of the back view, you’ll notice that I didn’t choose a cloak for her.  I didn’t think any of the back-pieces matched well enough.  They were either too refined or too primitive, or they had a clashing texture/pattern.  I suppose if you really want to go all out you could farm up The Emperor’s New Cape, but otherwise just hide your cloak.
  • Waist: Belt of the Black Eagle.  This is the matching belt to the Rift Stalker set, but it’s crafted with Leatherworking.  (The pattern drops in Serpentshrine Cavern.)  This matches all the other elements of this set: the blue, the brown, the spiky bits, the dots around the side match those on the gloves — even the light blue “gem” in the middle that matches the ones on the chest and kilt.  I really love how those light blue bits form a vertical line down the front and into the top part of the kilt.
  • Feet: Unfortunate Treads.  The name of these boots is appropriate, because unfortunately they are not really a good match for the outfit… At least, they wouldn’t be if you could see them.  Thankfully only the toes poke out, and the toes are the best color match I could find.  The other reason they are unfortunate is that these boots are a unique model that is only available as an Alliance quest reward from Hero’s Call: Redridge Mountains.  After about level 20 I don’t think you can even pick up the quest!  Still, I’m going to stick with them here because this Dwarven Hunter is just a baby and so could easily complete the quest and nab the shoes on her way to building this set.

  • Ranged: Dragon Slayer’s Shortbow.  This is a really cool bow that perfectly matches the browns and spiky motif of this outfit.  It’s available as a quest reward in Sholazar Basin, or you can pick up the lookalike Trophy Gatherer from Gortok Palehoof in Utgarde Pinnacle.

The Leather Armor Potential Entry (which is totally not an entry — judges stop reading here).

Since we’re limited to the Druid class for our leather armor option, that means I also limited myself to races that can be Druids when choosing the toon to model my outfit.  Unfortunately, Tauren, Trolls and Worgen have weird feet and the boots I chose didn’t look very good on them.  Therefore, my model is a Night Elf, the only one I’ve ever rolled, and I rolled her specifically for this contest.  I’ve fallen in love with her blue hair though, so it’s possible I might decide to level her one day.  Maybe.  (Hi, my name is Khizzara, and I’m an altoholic.)

  • Weapon: Marrowstike.  Because there’s nothing reddish about this outfit, I decided to go with Marrowstrike instead of Glaive of the Pit and avoid it’s glowing enchant effect.
  • Legs: Moonchild Leggings.  As soon as I saw these legs I knew they would be perfect with the polearm.  I mean, they almost look like legs made of Marrowstrike.  They have the same dark blue and the same spiky gold pattern.  The giant leaves on the side also give the outfit a bit more Druid flavor.
  • Chest: Felfire-Tainted Vest.  A good color match with gold and brown details.  It’s nice that the brown part mirrors the shape of the leaves on the legs somewhat.  What’s really cool, however, is that this chest adds upper arm bands that perfectly match the bands of the gloves!
  • Hands: Serpentis’ Gloves.  These gloves match the blue and brown coloration, and look just like the upper arm bands from the chest-piece.  Although they don’t have gold elements on their own, there’s a gap at the wrist where bracers can peek through — the perfect opportunity for adding some complimentary bracers!
  • Wrists: Expedition Bracers.  The gold portions of these bracers line up perfectly with both the gap in the Serpentis’ Gloves and the area near the elbow.  Being able to combine the wrists and hands in this fashion makes it look like the hands are one unified, perfectly matching set piece.

  • Shoulders: Spaulders of the Ring.  Finding shoulders to match this look was quite difficult.  Eventually I settled on these ones.  They are a slightly lighter shade of blue, though the darker blue is present around the outside edges.  The gold design recalls the spikes and swirls of the polearm and legs.
  • Waist: Gem Studded Leather Belt.  This belt matches the brown of the leaves on the legs and has a nice circular gold design that matches the gold elsewhere in the outfit.  However, the main reason I chose it is because of the light blue stone in the center that ties into the light blue of the shoulders.

  • Back: Crazy Cenarion Cloak.  The name alone makes this the perfect cloak for a Druid.  The lighter blue color also matches the shoulders and belt, tying the outfit together.  And of course, the gold trim matches the gold in the other pieces.
  • Feet: Nightmare Rider’s Boots.  It was difficult to find boots that I liked with this outfit.  Most of the boots were too distracting, even if they otherwise matched.  I finally settled on these, even though the blue and brown is a little darker than in the other pieces.

With the lighter-colored shoulders and darker-colored feet this outfit has a bit of a gradient to it that I like.  Because the lighter colors are near the top it helps to draw attention to her face.  Matching her hair to the blue of the chest and legs also pulls that color up past the shoulders, balancing them out.  This outfit also seems very practical, and I can easily imagine sentinels wearing it as they go about their duties.  However, my absolute favourite part of the ensemble is the interplay between the gloves and bracers.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, that’s finally done.  That took a lot of time and effort, let me tell you!  I hope the judges like my entry… but then again, if I make it through Round 2 I have to do this all over again for Round 3!  Ahhhh!  D:

I’d also like to give a HUGE thank you to all my friends who gave me their opinion as I tried to decide which outfit to enter.  I’m sure half of you are really pleased that I entered “your” outfit, and the other half are slightly disappointed that I didn’t enter the one you liked best.  You’re welcome and I’m sorry respectively.  Also, thanks for putting up with my endless transmog chatter this week!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 30, 2012 6:25 pm

    Oh, beautifully done, on both of them! That mail “wait is that a Hunter or a Shaman?!” outfit is awesome. Everything in it just pulls together perfectly. The combination of the Glyphed Breastplate with those pants seems to be a natural fit to go with that weapon in leather — I played around with a similar outfit, but decided to go with a mail ensemble for my actual contest entry.

  2. April 1, 2012 4:52 pm

    So cool–I hope you win! (Also, my NE has that color hair.)

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