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Mog Madness Round 3 Entry

April 6, 2012

More Madness!

Sorry for not updating sooner, but I’ve been pretty busy this week.  The results of Round 2 were in last Sunday, but I didn’t get a chance to post about them.  There were 20 entries in Round 2, and my entry came in 9th.  The top 15 were moved on to the third round, so I got in.  Yay!  (And yet I will always wonder if I would have placed higher with the other outfit.  LOL)  I’m not getting my hopes up for Round 3 though.  My competition is pretty stiff so I’ll be surprised if I move on to Round 4.

At this stage of the game I’m finding myself tempted to check out what the other contestants are doing, or to try to figure out what the judges go for in terms of their stylistic tastes, or to do something totally outrageous in hopes of getting originality points or something.  But I am resisting these urges because that whole second guessing myself thing is really stressful, and — let’s face it — I’m just not good at “gaming the system”.  So what I’m doing is completely ignoring what anyone else might be doing while trying to continue to design outfits that I’d want my toons to wear.  I’m entering the outfit that I like best, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s what other people (including the judges) prefer.  (At least this is what I’m telling myself.)

The Round 3 Entry — More Mail Armor

For this round we have to base the set on The Wavemender’s Mantle, a blue & gold mail shoulder piece.  To be honest, I wasn’t very happy with this, because I’d just entered a blue & gold mail set, (and in fact had considered using these very shoulders at one point), and I didn’t want to spend Round 3 staring at the same mail options as before.  It just seemed too boring.  So I went scrolling through Mogit, grumbling to myself about how I wished they’d gone with any color but blue — maybe a nice green, or purple, or red, or–  ooh!  Red!  And there it was, the skirt I would use to make this outfit interesting.

Now, much as I said last time that I really like putting Hunters in skirts, that wasn’t my primary objective here.  I just really fell in love with how the blue design on the skirt looked like the lightning on the shoulders, and how the red of the rest of the skirt broke away from the blue/gold color scheme.  This outfit would work equally well on a Hunter or a Shaman because none of the pieces are class-specific and both classes can wield staves.  However, I modeled the items on a Hunter because then I could include a ranged weapon option as well.

My model is an Orc because, once again, I wanted a race that epitomizes the Shaman and Hunter mentalities, and I felt a bit guilty for betraying my beloved Horde by using a Dwarf in my last entry.  Oh, and Orc females look totally bad ass.  Don’t try to deny it.  You know it’s true.

The Itemized List

  • Shoulders: The Wavemender’s Mantle.  These are some really cool shoulders.  I love the electric spell effect.  However, taking screenshots of these things nearly cost me my last shred of sanity.  Do you know how many shots I took in order to capture the lightning at four different angles?  290.  Yeah, that’s right, I counted them.  You’re welcome.
  • Legs: Kilt of the Forgotten Battle.  This kilt looks really awesome.  Unfortunately, it only drops off Heroic Cho’gall in Bastion of Twilight.  You’ll need to bring a pretty skilled group with you if you want to farm it.  It might be something to keep in mind for later in Mists of Pandaria when it might be easier to obtain.
  • Chest: Circuit Design Breastplate.  Another piece that might be tough to farm since it drops off Heroic Omnitron Defense System in Blackwing Descent.  It is a perfect match for the Kilt, however.
  • Belt: There are actually three identical belts that you could use for this, but all of them are fairly difficult to obtain at this time.  Lifecycle Waistguard drops from Heroic Magmaw; Waistguard of Hatred drops from Heroic Valiona/Theralion; and Lightning Well Belt drops from Heroic Conclave of Wind.
  • Feet: Treads of Flawless Creation.  This is the last piece that will have you pulling your hair out on heroic bosses.  They drop from Heroic Maloriak in Blackwing Descent.  There is a look-alike piece available… but you have to down Sinestra to grab Boots of Az’galada.  Probably easier to kill H. Maloriak, right?  (Or re-roll to a race with digitigrade legs so you can’t see the boots anyway.)
  • Hands: Handgrips of the Savage Emissary.  These are much easier to obtain than the previous pieces as they drop from Cyanigosa in Heroic Violet Hold.  The blue dots on the side match the blue of the shoulders perfectly, and the reddish brown matches the kilt.
  • Wrist: Blackfathom Warbands.  It isn’t strictly necessary to use these or any other specific bracers, as the set looks great on its own.  However, these bracers add a band of gold at the elbow which matches the distressed gold on the shoulders.  It’s a nice detail, but if you’d prefer the set without it then just find some short bracers that won’t be visible with the gloves.

  • Weapon: Icecore Staff.  There are a lot of weapons that look lovely with this outfit, but I could not resist the electric effect on this staff which matches that of the shoulders.  In addition it has red leather wrapped around the shaft so it matches the kilt nicely.  It’s pretty easy to farm as it drops from 10-man normal-mode Hodir in Ulduar — but only if you get the extra loot by completing “I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare“.  Thankfully, it should be pretty easy to get the achievement with a small group of 85’s.

  • Ranged Weapon: Final Voyage.  As I said, this outfit works equally well for Shaman or Hunters, but if you’re a Hunter you’ll need a matching bow.  This crossbow fits the bill perfectly.  The blue matches the blue of the shoulders and the details on the kilt, while the reddish-brown matches the browns of the kilt and chest.  Even the texture of the wood is similar to that of the kilt!  The horns on the front are also a golden color, and even the metal details on the bow bring out the greys of the kilt and shoulders.  It won’t be too difficult to farm either, as it drops from either Guth or the Four Horsemen in 25-man normal-mode Naxx.

Pieces Not Appearing in This Ensemble

  • Helm.  I hate mail helms.  In my opinion, the only nice mail helms drop from Ragnaros or Ragnaros.  Unfortunately, neither match this set.  Just hide your helm.
  • Back.  There are no cloaks to match.  The problem is that I’m pulling off a delicate balance between the red and blue elements of the design, and every cloak in the game is either too red or too blue, or looks nice from the front but not the back, or vice versa.  I found that it’s much better to hide your cloak and allow the electric blue in the kilt to pick up the blue of the shoulders.

In Conclusion

So, will this outfit be enough to move me into the next round?  I honestly have no idea.  Either way I got a lot farther than I thought I would and had a lot of fun doing it.  (Well, when I wasn’t driving myself crazy deciding between outfits and taking hundreds of screenshots.)  We’ll see what the judges say in a couple of days!

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  1. April 6, 2012 9:40 pm

    Well done! She looks awesome 😀 That really is a perfect staff to use with these shoulders.

    >>So what I’m doing is completely ignoring what anyone else might be doing while trying to continue to design outfits that I’d want my toons to wear. I’m entering the outfit that I like best, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s what other people (including the judges) prefer. <<
    That's what I do, too. I design something that *I* would want to wear, and then just hope the judges like it 😉

    • April 6, 2012 10:31 pm

      Yeah, I saw that you used the same staff after I’d already hit publish. D’oh! LOL But it IS a perfect match for the shoulders, so I would have been surprised if I was the only one to use it.

      I love your designs. I wouldn’t be surprised if you go on to win this thing. 🙂

      • April 6, 2012 10:58 pm

        Exactly — I almost used an axe/shield combo instead of the Icecore Staff, just because the staff is such a great match for the shoulders that I was sure several other people would also use it. But in the end, the staff was what I liked best, so that’s what I chose.

        I’ve been trying to not look at anyone else’s ideas before I’ve published my own, so it’s always neat to see what things turn out in common between the various entries.

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