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Diablo 3 Series Interlude — Wrath

May 9, 2012

I have raid in a few minutes, so I’m not going to have time to finish up my post on Diablo 2 lore tonight.  However, Blizzard just released a cool animated short telling the story of one of the battles in the Eternal Conflict.  It also explains a bit about the Angiris Council of Archangels.  I glossed over the Angiris Council in my lore summary because the only Archangel ever mentioned in game is Tyrael, but it seems Blizzard might do more with them than I expected.


Also, if you’re the type of person who loves collecting in-game cosmetic items, (and who doesn’t, really?), you should check out the Diablo: Darkness Falls website.  There’s a bunch of D3 info there, as well as some bonus behind the scenes content.   You can also create class banners, which will unlock exclusive class “sigils” to use on your own player banner in game.  These class sigils will only available until a week after launch, so you if you want them you should get them soon.

If that sounds like gibberish to you don’t worry.  The player banner is something new to D3.  It’s basically a portal that represents you in game, and clicking on your banner allows members of your party to jump instantly to your location.  The banners are customizable and you choose from various sigils (or icons) to represent yourself.  It’s a bit like a guild tabard, except just for you.  Some of the sigils are unlocked by completing achievements, and some are only going to be available through special promotions like the one currently running at the Darkness Falls site.

And if any of my WoW readers are worried that this blog is going to turn into “all Diablo, all the time” I promise I’ll go back to the WoW posts after this series is done.  I may still post about Diablo occasionally, since I will be playing it, but it won’t be my main focus.

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