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Mogolympics Discus Event Results!

August 21, 2012

Khizzara: Hello and welcome friends to the first ever Mogolympics Discus event!  I’m here today with… Hey, wait, wasn’t Kashina supposed to be hosting this with me?  What are you doing here, Kay?

Kaylira: Hi, Khizz!  I heard that you guys are providing commentary on a Disc competition today so I asked Kash if I could take her place.  What does a Druid know about shielding people anyway, I’d like to know?

Khizzara: Disc-US, Kay, not Disc.

Kaylira: Yeah, discuss Disc…

Khizzara: *facepalm*  No, no.  DISCUS, it’s a sporting event.  And the shields are like the ones Prot Paladins carry, not the healy absorbing damage things.

Kaylira:  What?  Oh… But I heard they were throwing the shields.

Khizzara: They are throwing them.  They’re competing to see who can throw their shield the farthest.

Kaylira: Why?  What’s the point of that?

Khizzara: I dunno, it’s a Pally thing, I guess.

Kaylira:  Oh.  So, what do we do then?

Khizzara: Just watch and comment on how far they throw things.  And admire all the fashionable outfits the athletes are wearing.

Kaylira:  Well, that much I can do.

Khizzara: Anyway, we’re here today at the beautiful Gallywix Pleasure Palace in Azshara to judge the first ever Mogolympics Discus event!  So sit back, relax, and grab a drink from your waitress as we watch the show!

Kaylira: Um, yes, uh, my turn to speak.  So, first up we have this lovely Troll lady representing Lower City!  She steps up to the line and begins to… spin in circles?  Is that normal?

Khizzara: Yeah, that’s how it’s done.

Kaylira: It looks ridiculous.

Khizzara: Maybe a bit.

Kaylira: And there’s the release!  Ooh, that’s amazing!  I didn’t think they could throw them THAT far!

Khizzara: And there’s Frank walking out to take the measurement.  He was supposed to be a judge, but he kept threatening to disqualify everyone.  And by “disqualify” I really mean “painfully drain the soul from the bodies and use the corpses as fertilizer”.  *shudder*  How does it look, Frank?  …340 yards!  Amazing!  A great first throw and already setting the bar high for all the other contestants!

Kaylira:  Next up, we have a Goblin representing Thunder Bluff.  Mooooo!  Mooooooo!  MOOOOOOOOOO!

Khizzara:  What are you doing?  What’s with the mooing?!

Kaylira: I’m showing my support for Thunder Bluff.  It’s what we do.

Khizzara: Can you maybe moo a little quieter then, please?

Kaylira:  Sorry.  Moo.  Moo.

Khizzara: And there’s the throw!  It looks good, but maybe not as far as our last competitor.  What does Frank say?  326 yards!  A strong showing which puts our Goblin in second place at this early stage of the game.

Khizzara: Here’s our first representative from Stormwind.  The Night Elf starts his spin–

Kaylira: Wow, that’s a fast spin there, I hope he doesn’t get dizzy.

Khizzara: –and the release!  Amazing!  I think he might have done it.

Kaylira: Frank is confirming now… 349 yards, ladies and gentlemen!  That’s good enough to take the lead.

Kaylira: I can already tell that this is going to be a tough field.

Khizzara: And here comes the Draenei competitor representing the Exodar.

Kaylira:  Ooh, she looks so exotic!

Khizzara: Interesting.  Looks like she’s spinning the opposite direction of the other competitors, must be left-handed or something.

Kaylira: Oh, I can’t tell with that one, it looks like it might be in the middle there.  Yes, Frank’s saying 331 yards, folks.  That’s good enough to knock Thunder Bluff out of the medals.  I knew I shouldn’t have listened to you about the mooing…

Khizzara: Up next, representing the Frostwolves, is a feisty Dwarf–

Kaylira: Wait, the Frostwolves are being represented by someone from the Alliance?

Khizzara: Yeah, it’s best not to think about these things too hard.

Kaylira: It was already stretching credibility to have a Goblin representing Thunder Bluff, but the sole purpose of the Frostwolves is to kill Alliance!

Khizzara: So just think about how totally bad-ass this Dwarf  lady must be.

Kaylira: No kidding…

Khizzara: And that’s 348 yards which puts her in second place for now.

Kaylira:  I see that Stormpike didn’t reciprocate by having a Horde entrant.  Went with a Draenei.  Hmmph.

Khizzara: And there’s the wind up…  Holy moly!  What a throw!

Kaylira:  Yeah, not much doubt about that one.  That’s definitely the best of the day so far.  Just waiting for Frank to walk over there for the official measure…

Khizzara: 371 yards!  Incredible!  That’s over 20 yards further than the current second place.  I can see the other contestants are looking a bit nervous now.

Kaylira: It’s hard to tell how nervous our next contestant is beneath that terrifying helm.

Khizzara:  Give it up for the Goblin representing Honor Hold, everyone!

Kaylira: Ooh, I don’t think that was enough to catch our current first place, but it looks like it might be close enough for a medal position…

Khizzara: The official word is 345 yards.  So close, but not quite enough for third place.

Kaylira: Yay, a Tauren representing Orgrimmar!  MOOOOO!  MOOOOO!

Khizzara: Uck, the mooing…

Kaylira: What a spin!  Looks great!  …Oh no, I think something went wrong on the release!

Khizzara:  Have you considered that maybe the mooing is throwing people off instead of encouraging them?

Kaylira: You really think that might be it?

Khizzara: Yup, 326 yards, the same as Thunder Bluff.  Definitely the mooing.

Kaylira: I’m so sorry!  *looks very sad*

Khizzara: Next up, the Troll representative from Thrallmar.  There’s been a bit of a scandal around this guy.  He’s highly favored to win, but was accused of doping by some of the other factions.

Kaylira: Oh no, I hope no one would ever be so dishonorable as to resort to cheating!

Khizzara: Well, he passed the drug test this morning, so he should be clean.  Let’s see how he does…

Kaylira: Wow!  What form!  What technique!  What a toss!

Khizzara: That’s an incredible 375 yards, ladies and gentleman!  Putting the controversial troll in the gold medal position!

Kaylira: I can see why the other competitors were intimidated by this guy.

Khizzara: Here’s another Troll, this time representing the weirdos of the Scarlet Crusade.

Kaylira:  I hear they had to assign extra Kor’kron guards to the Undercity competitors to prevent any unfortunate… misunderstandings between them and the Scarlet Crusade.

Khizzara:  Yup, there’ve been a few tense moments, but so far all the Forsaken are still accounted for.

Kaylira: And there’s the throw… Nice one!  And yes, Frank confirms a distance of 354 yards, putting the mentally unstable Troll in third place.

Kaylira: Whoa, here’s a tough looking Orc for Therazane.

Khizzara: That armor looks heavy, I wonder how it will affect his form?

Kaylira: I think it gave him some extra momentum — look at that spin!  And there’s the release… Oh, that looks close to where the last one landed…

Khizzara: Yup, but just slightly further at 358 yards.  So third place switches hands once again!

Kaylira: Looks like the Argent Crusade has chosen a Worgen to represent them here.

Khizzara: And it looks like he’s eschewed the heavy armor in favor of wearing as little as possible so he can have a wider range of movement.

Kaylira: …”Eschewed?”  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that out loud in real life.

Khizzara: Good thing this is a transcript then, isn’t it?

Kaylira:  And there’s the throw!  …What is he doing?  He just turned away and covered his eyes.

Khizzara: Maybe he’s nervous and can’t bear to look?

Kaylira: Maybe…

Khizzara: Whatever the reason, it seems to have paid off!  366 yards, and third place changes hands yet again!  This is so exciting!

Kaylira: And now the Tauren representative of…. Ironforge?  *sigh* Whatever.  Best not to think about it…  The Tauren representing Ironforge steps up and starts his spin.  (I’m sorry for not mooing for you!  I’m mooing in my mind!)  *intense look of concentration*

Khizzara: *looking askance at Kay* Um, ok…   And oh no!  I think he tripped as he released!  Frank is confirming, but I don’t think… Yeah, 326 yards.  That’s exactly what the entrants from Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar got.  Um, Kay?  You have to stop mooing.  Even your bizarre psychic mooing is throwing people off.

Kaylira: But I’m a Tauren!  It’s what we do!

Khizzara: *smiles and nods condescendingly at Kay*

Khizzara: And our second competitor from Stormwind is also a Tauren.  Give it up for the cow, everyone!

Kaylira: *keeping her mouth firmly closed*

Khizzara: He’s winding up… and there’s the throw!

Kaylira: *humming to herself in a distracted fashion*

Khizzara: Oh no!  I’m not sure what happened there, ladies and gentlemen.  The wind is picking up a bit here, maybe that threw him off.  319 yards for the cow from Stormwind.

Kaylira:  I swear I didn’t moo!  It’s not my fault this time!

Khizzara: Yeah, that was actually a bit lower than the other cows… Maybe the mooing really does help a bit.

Kaylira:  Here’s the Dwarf entrant representing the Argent Dawn.  She appears very calm and collected as she steps up to the line.

Khizzara:  She looks to be in fine form too.  Good spin, the blue and yellow flashing in the sun now, I hope she can compensate for the rising wind…

Kaylira: Incredible!  The crowd is on its feet, ladies and gentlemen!  I almost thought it was going to go right over the edge of the cliff at the end of the field here.

Khizzara: Nah, we measured the field before holding the event here, there’s no way they’d be able to throw one THAT far.  Frank has reached the shield… and the official measure is — I can hardly believe it — 384 yards!

Kaylira: That’s almost 10 yards ahead of the previous best distance!  Outstanding!

Khizzara: That’s a tough act to follow, let’s see how the Draenei from the Keepers of Time handles the pressure.

Kaylira: Are they allowed to bet on the results?  I mean, the Keepers of Time, don’t they have an inside edge on such things?

Khizzara: Yeah, I don’t think the bookies accept bets from time travelers.

Kaylira:  And it’s in the air!  Looks good, can he– oh no, it’s curving, must have had a bit of a backspin there.

Khizzara: An impressive throw, but 352 yards isn’t enough for the podium here today.

Khizzara:  Silvermoon is fielding a Dwarf to represent them here today.

Kaylira: How do these choices get made?  Like, is there some neutral Auction House, but for athletes instead of items?

Khizzara: Suspension of disbelief, my friend.

Kaylira: There’s the wind up!  It looks like he released a bit late, it’s skirting the edge of the field, but still within the bounds, I think.

Khizzara:  It’ll still be good, but it’s hard to eyeball the distance when it’s off to the side like that.

Kaylira: Frank doesn’t look too pleased about having to run all the way over there… but he’s got the measurement now.  354 yards!  A strong showing, but not enough to catch the leaders.

Khizzara: Our first contestant from Sporeggar is stepping up now, and the little Gnome is our shortest entrant yet.

Kaylira:  That shield is half her size!  How does she even lift that thing?

Khizzara: Sheer force of will, I think.

Kaylira: She’s managing it somehow, anyway.  And… I can’t believe it!  Look at that thing fly!

Khizzara:  375 yards!  Absolutely incredible!  Just goes to show that size isn’t everything when a Gnome can out-throw a bunch of Tauren!

Kaylira:  Hmmph.  Watch it, short stuff.

Khizzara:  That means we currently have a two-way tie for the silver medal!

Khizzara: Our second representative from Sporregar is much taller than the first — a giant Draenei.

Kaylira:  *crosses fingers*  Out-throw the Gnome.  Out-throw the Gnome.  Prove the little mage wrong…

Khizzara:  Oh, that was an impressive toss, but I’m not sure it went far enough.  …And I’m right, (to no one’s surprise).  361 yards for the enormously tall Draenei.

Kaylira:  The Kirin Tor has sent an intimidating Orc lady to represent them here today.

Khizzara:  She lets out an impressive battle cry as she spins around building up momentum… Not a lot of height on that throw, but it’s flying nice and flat, maybe it’ll go further than… Hmm, I don’t think that was enough for a medal.

Kaylira: I think she knows it too, the way she’s pounding that hammer on the ground there…

Khizzara: 343 yards.  To think that only a few years ago that would have been a world record, but it’s not enough here today.

Kaylira:  Our next contestant is a Goblin for the Silver Covenant.

Khizzara: I can tell from the goggles that she’s an engineer.  Hooray, maybe we’ll finally see some rocket propelled shields!  Wooo!

Kaylira:  I’m pretty sure that’s against the rules…

Khizzara:  Why?  The point is to throw it farther than anyone else can, right?

Kaylira:  Yeah, throw it, not launch it.

Khizzara:  Where’s the fun in that?  Needs moar explosions!

Kaylira:  Well, thankfully this entrant is better about following rules than you are, Khizz.

Khizzara:  Bah, 360 yards.  She could have easily gotten ten times that with a bit of blasting powder…

Kaylira:  Lots of Goblins in attendance here today.  Here’s another one representing the Defilers.

Khizzara:  The Goblins are doing a lot better than the Tauren.  Just sayin’.

Kaylira:  Why would you say that?  It’s not even true!

Khizzara:  And look at that shield fly!  Another very impressive showing from a Goblin at 362 yards.

Kaylira:  Don’t make me Warstomp you…

Khizzara:  Here’s a Human from the League of Arathor.

Kaylira:  Boo!  Booooo!

Khizzara:  What are you doing now?!

Kaylira:  I never win Arathi Basin.  I hate these guys, so I’m booing them.

Khizzara:  I wonder if that will work as well as the mooing?

Kaylira:  326 yards!  Ha!  Take THAT, you Alliance jerks!

Khizzara:  You know, we’re supposed to be impartial, right?

Kaylira:  The Earthen Ring is fielding our second Worgen contestant of the day.

Khizzara:  He looks quite ferocious.  Oh, and another left hander, judging by the direction of his spin.

Kaylira:  That’s weird, he’s turned away and is covering his eyes, just the way that other worgen did.

Khizzara:  Some cultural thing, do you think?  Or maybe a good luck superstition?

Kaylira:  I have no idea.  It’s very strange though.

Khizzara:  Well, it didn’t bring him much luck this time.  359 yards is very impressive, but not enough for the podium.

Kaylira: Our next Orcish contestant is representing the Sha’tar.

Khizzara: We haven’t seen many entrants wearing skirts today.  I wonder why that is?

Kaylira:  I’m not sure, but I had noticed that too.  Oh, wait, it looks like her skirts might have tripped her up there on the spin!

Khizzara:  Oh, but it looks like she might have recovered!  It’s in the air, can she pull it off?

Kaylira:  Maybe… But no!  It dived at the last second.  What rotten luck!  344 yards.

Kaylira:  Yay!  Another cow!  Another chance at redemption!  This particular Tauren is representing the Darkspear Trolls.

Khizzara:  Nope.  The short people will continue to rule the day.  You’ll see.

Kaylira:  Nonsense!  You can do it!  Mooo!  MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Khizzara:  339 yards!  You shouldn’t have mooed.  *sticks out her tongue at Kay*

Kaylira:  I just don’t understand how the power of the moo could be failing me…

Khizzara:  There’s an Undead representing Darnassus?  Ok, this is even stretching the bounds of MY credulity…

Kaylira:  I told you!  There’s something very strange going on here.

Khizzara:  I’m more interested in how she can throw a shield when she no longer appears to have any muscles…

Kaylira:  Magic.

Khizzara:  Wait just a minute!  Why is magic permitted when explosives aren’t?

Kaylira:  I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.

Khizzara:  Well, magic or no magic, she managed a distance of 349 yards.  Not good enough for a medal, but right about in the middle of the pack.

Kaylira:  Up next is the Human representative of the Sunreavers.

Khizzara:  And at this point we’d like to just remind our viewers that 384 yards is the distance to beat for gold, and we currently have a two-way tie of 375 yards for the silver.

Kaylira:  Can he manage to get into the medals?  Looks good so far.  Great technique, and that shield is really flying.

Khizzara:  Oh, so close but not quite.  368 yards on this tough field is just not enough.

Khizzara:  Hmm, she looks a bit familiar, haven’t we seen her before?

Kaylira:  No, I don’t think so.

Khizzara:  Huh, could have sworn…

Kaylira:  Oh, it’s in the air, but she already looks unhappy about it, must not have felt right to her.

Khizzara:  She knew it before we did folks.  361 yards for the familiar-looking Dwarf from Exodar.

Kaylira:  Looks like the Mag’har have managed to smooth over racial tensions and convinced a Draenei to represent them here today.

Khizzara:  It’s all part of what makes the Mogolympics so heartwarming, ladies and gentlemen.

Kaylira:  Whoa, he sure got a lot of height on that one!

Khizzara:  Not sure that’s a good thing…

Kaylira:  Oh, it’s coming down now…  And wow!  It just buried itself in the ground there.

Khizzara:  Frank doesn’t look too happy about the damage to his freshly laid turf…

Kaylira:  354 yards for the Mag’har entrant, and I think he’d better make himself scarce for a while…

Khizzara:  And here’s our third Worgen of the day, representing the Illidari.

Kaylira:  Do you think she’ll cover her eyes like the other Worgen?

Khizzara:  Probably.  There’s the wind up, and the release!  And no, this Worgen is watching the shield intensely.

Kaylira:  Oh no!  What is she doing?

Khizzara:  She’s running after the shield!  I can’t believe it!

Kaylira: Ladies and gentlemen, I can not believe my eyes!  She just jumped up into the air and caught the shield in her mouth.

Khizzara:  I’m just… I’m speechless folks.

Kaylira:  I’m not sure how they’ll judge the distance here.

Khizzara:  Looks like Frank is trying to have this Worgen disqualified… The officials are arguing… The poor Worgen lady looks embarrassed and apologetic… However, it looks like they’re going to allow the throw to count, and take the measurement from the point where she landed.

Kaylira:  Frank doesn’t look too happy about this.  I do hope he doesn’t start cursing people… No, no, he’s grudgingly taking the measurement.  342 yards for our shield-tossing, shield-chasing, and shield-catching Worgen.

Khizzara:  That’s impressive no matter which way you slice it.

Kaylira:  And here’s the Dwarf entered for the Consortium.

Khizzara:  I wonder what sort of deal he had to cut with them to get himself entered?

Kaylira:  That’s not very nice!

Khizzara:  Neither is the Consortium.  Edging in on business…

Kaylira:  I thought someone told me we were supposed to be impartial?

Khizzara:  Anyway… there’s he goes!  Oh no!  It looks good, dammit!  371 yards for the Consortium.  Well, at least it’s not quite good enough to tie for silver.

Khizzara:  Approaching the line is the Dwarf representative from Ramkahen.

Kaylira:  Now, this makes sense.  I imagine the cat people of Ramkahen wouldn’t be very good at spinning in circles because of their four legs, so they’d need someone else to represent them.

Khizzara:  And they’re a neutral faction, so they could choose anyone really.

Kaylira:  I hope she does the Ramkahen proud here today.  There she goes!  Oh, lovely form, but I just don’t think it went far enough.

Khizzara:  359 yards, but still, an achievement to be proud of.

Kaylira:  This is our second Gnome entry of the day, representing his home faction of Gnomeregon.

Khizzara:  And just a reminder that his fellow Gnome is currently tied with the Troll from Thrallmar for Silver at 375 yards, so we know better than to underestimate the short people here today, don’t we, Kay?

Kaylira:  Yeah, yeah.  And there he goes!  Oh, that’s an excellent toss under normal circumstances, but in a field this strong it comes down somewhere in the middle of the pack, at 353 yards.

Khizzara:  And here comes our last Tauren contestant of this event, competing for the Silverwing Sentinels.  Last chance for your people to shine here, Kay!

Kaylira:  *crossing her fingers*  Come on!  You can do this thing!  MOOOOOOOO!

Khizzara:  Oh wow, looking great so far, could she pull it off?

Kaylira:  Yes!  356 yards!  Wooo!

Khizzara:  Kay, that’s not enough for a medal.

Kaylira:  I know, but it’s the best Tauren score here today, and I’ll take it!  I even mooed!

Kaylira:  Hey, Khizz… I just thought of something.

Khizzara:  What’s that?

Kaylira:  I wear cloth armor, and you wear cloth armor… even Frank wears cloth armor.  Not one of us can equip a shield.  Are we even qualified to do this job?

Khizzara:  Absolutely not.

Kaylira:  Oh.  Just checking.  …And oh no!  Looks like the wind might have kicked up again, I think her shield was actually pushed back a bit.

Khizzara:  Rotten luck…  320 yards for the Dwarf representing Gilneas.  Well, that’s still a lot farther than I could have thrown a shield.

Kaylira:  Because you can’t equip one.

Khizzara:  Exactly.

Kaylira:  You know, after a while it becomes hard to think up new ways to introduce contestants.

Khizzara:  I know, right?  I don’t know how anyone could do this professionally.

Kaylira:  I bet people aren’t even listening to us anymore.

Khizzara:  Probably not.

Kaylira:  Oh well, we’re here to do a job, and do it we shall.  Next up, the Draenei entrant from Dragonmaw.

Khizzara:  She’s carefully checking the wind after what happened to the last contestant.  It still seems a bit gusty up on this plateau.  She launches the shield, was she able to compensate for the wind?

Kaylira:  It looks like maybe she did… Oh, very nice indeed, but it comes up a bit short at 354 yards.

Khizzara: Our next entry is Darnassus, fielding a… Blood Elf?

Kaylira:  Nice to know they’re putting the family feud behind them, right?

Khizzara:  She also seems to be of the “less is more” philosophy, going for freedom of movement with that outfit.

Kaylira:  She’s probably a Paladin.

Khizzara:  And there’s the toss!  …347 yards.  Again, a great effort, but just not enough for a medal today.

Kaylira:  Now here’s an intimidating fellow!  I bet Warsong Hold was afraid to turn this Dwarf down when he offered to represent them!

Khizzara:  What a spin, folks!  Incredibly fast, maybe the fastest we’ve yet seen!

Kaylira:  Hey, I know Paladins should have an edge here what with Avenger’s Shield, but I can see how a Warrior might have one too because of Whirlwind.

Khizzara:  And there’s the release!  It’s flying and… Oh, hmm, I thought it would go farther than that.  Still a respectable 348 yards for the spiky Dwarf from Warsong Hold.

Kaylira:  Here’s the first of two contestants from Wyrmrest Accord.

Khizzara:  Hey, do you think she’s really a Dwarf or a dragon in Dwarf form?

Kaylira:  Not sure I want to ask her…

Khizzara:  She’s watching the wind too, trying to compensate… Hmm, I think maybe she overcompensated a bit.

Kaylira:  327 yards.  A valiant throw, but not far enough for a medal.

Khizzara:  And now the Human representative from Undercity is taking the field.

Kaylira:  I sure hope they don’t scourgify her…  You haven’t seen any Val’kyr around, have you?

Khizzara:  *glances around*  Nope.  Probably don’t want to flaunt their existence so close to Orgrimmar.

Kaylira:  And she winds up… and throws her shield… and– Man, I don’t think it’s even possible to catch the current leaders.  331 yards for Undercity.

Khizzara:  Whooooo!  Bilgewater Cartel represent!

Kaylira:  You guys got a Draenei to play for you?

Khizzara:  Sure, why not?  It’s no weirder than what half the other factions have done.

Kaylira:  But she’s so much taller than I expected from you guys…

Khizzara:  She is rather impressive, isn’t she?

Kaylira:  And she’s stepping up to the line… There goes the shield!  I can’t believe it, ladies and gentlemen!  375 yards for the unexpectedly tall entrant from Bilgewater Cartel!  That means we have a three-way tie for silver!

Khizzara:  Yes!  And the best part is that we beat the Consortium!  Wooo!  Goblin pride!

Kaylira:  Anyway… The second entrant from Wyrmrest Accord is up next, this time a Night Elf.

Khizzara:  She’s looking in fine form as she steps up and begins her throw.  Bilgewater proved that it is possible to get into the medals this late in the game, can the Night Elf pull off an upset?

Kaylira:  Oh, look at that shield fly!  It just keeps going and going and I think it’ll be close, folks!

Khizzara:  Frank has the measurement now… 371 yards!  So close!  That has her tied with Stormpike and the Consortium for third place.

Khizzara:  We’re winding down here now, only four contestants left.

Kaylira:  And here’s an Orc as the second representative from Thrallmar.  That choice makes sense at least.

Khizzara:  She looks strong and confident as she strides onto the field, let’s hope that attitude serves her well here.

Kaylira:  And oh, a beautiful throw, and it lands 363 yards out.  Incredible performance, but still short of the podium.

Kaylira:  Hellscream’s Reach has sent a Blood Elf to the games this year.

Khizzara:  Many people seem to think that male Blood Elves are a bit wimpy, but they’re actually quite muscular if you look at them.

Kaylira:  It’s true.  I don’t know why people have such misconceptions of them.  Of course, they are all drug addicts, so perhaps they’d be even beefier if they weren’t.

Khizzara:  It’s strange to hear you using “beefier” as an adjective for something.

Kaylira:  Why?  I don’t get it.

Khizzara:  Never mind…

Kaylira:  His shield is soaring across the field, but I think the angle might have been a bit off there… Yes, it’s landed a bit short of a medal, though still well within the average range of the throws we’ve seen today, at 357 yards.

Khizzara:  Our penultimate entry today is the Human representative of the Kurenai.

Kaylira:  I have to say, I wouldn’t like to be going near the end like this.  She knows she needs to throw that shield at least 375 yards in order to be guaranteed a medal today.

Khizzara:  A hush falls upon the crowd now as they wait to see if she can pull it off…  I can’t believe it, I think it landed in the exact place as the last contestant’s.

Kaylira:  Yes, Frank is confirming that now, 357 yards for the Kurenai.

Khizzara:  Here it is, everyone!  Our last contestant of the day.  And hey!  It’s another Tauren for the Aldor!  I thought we’d seen our last Tauren contestant…  *looks through notes*

Kaylira:  Oh, woot!  Another Tauren!  He must be nervous going last…  He knows exactly how well he needs to perform in this moment.  Mooo!  MOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Khizzara:  I see, that’s right, the Scryers almost prevented the Aldor from attending this year, so he doesn’t show up on the main list, just this note tacked on to the file…


Khizzara:  Enough with the moo!  He’s thrown his shield…  Will it be enough?

Kaylira:  Oh, not quite.  360 yards.  Well, that’s still outstanding.

Khizzara:  Yes, we’ve really seen some incredible performances today!  Every participant can leave the field with their head held high, with pride in their accomplishments.

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  1. August 21, 2012 7:07 pm

    LMAO once again fantastic commentary 🙂 Hilarious!!

    Grats to the winners, so many fantastic outfits in there!!

  2. August 21, 2012 7:16 pm

    Ooh, look at all the fantastic entries! 😀

    Grats to everyone & awesome job with the commentary!!

  3. August 21, 2012 7:17 pm

    Congrats to all the winners! 😀

    Those were some fantastic outfits yet again! I don’t know how you guys can judge these and still have your sanity after… 😛

    • August 21, 2012 11:12 pm

      Come back after the closing ceremonies and test our sanity then. *twitch*

  4. JD Kenada permalink
    August 21, 2012 7:21 pm

    Elcombe’s “A game” is a “B game” at best compared to these two. Amazing job.

    Congrats again to the winners!

    • August 21, 2012 11:12 pm

      Oh, I doubt that. You were a really tough act to follow. 🙂

  5. August 21, 2012 7:27 pm

    Moooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Congrats to all the entrants and medalists!

  6. August 21, 2012 7:56 pm

    Grats winners! Great commentary Khizzara 🙂 such amazing competition, really fierce!

  7. August 21, 2012 8:02 pm

    Another set of impressive entries! Delightful commentary, too. Poor Kaylira, trying so hard to help the Tauren win 😛

    Curious about the leather entries, though… Shaman wear leather below level 40, but I thought these were supposed to be viable end-game/max-level Transmogrification kits?

    • August 21, 2012 8:48 pm

      Oh god, were there leather entries? To tell you the truth, there were so many outfits that I didn’t spend the time checking them all for rules violations. Which is why Frank got demoted from Judge — checking the rules was supposed to be his job.

      • August 21, 2012 8:55 pm

        There were four, only one of which was even a race that can be a Shaman, but none of them came close to medaling.

    • August 21, 2012 10:34 pm

      Wouldn’t that make them viable then? I am new to the whole transmog thing so please correct me if I am wrong 🙂 Now you have me freaking out because I can’t remember if I used mail or leather now….where is my list??

      • August 21, 2012 10:42 pm

        Actually – nvm – I am an idiot!! REALLY HUGE IDIOT! You do not need comment – I know my mistake!!!

  8. Freyana permalink
    August 21, 2012 9:10 pm

    Moooooo! That commentary was absolutely priceless!

    Congrats to all! That was another round of tough competition. (And I’m ridiculously excited to have nabbed a silver medal. Thank you, judges! Squee!).

    • August 21, 2012 11:10 pm

      Grats on the Silver! I don’t even know which silver medalist belongs to you, we only know the entries by code name and Faction. Hmm… I suppose I could work it out from the list of Factions assigned to participants, but I am far too lazy for that. 🙂

      • Freyana permalink
        August 22, 2012 7:13 am

        Is judging done? I don’t want to spoil my secret identity if that’s the case. But I hear mushrooms are tasty… 😉

      • August 22, 2012 11:46 am

        I haven’t finished my judging yet. >.> Not sure about the other judges.

      • Freyana permalink
        August 22, 2012 3:05 pm

        With so many entrants with all of them being really outstanding, I don’t blame you. That’s a lot of transmog to judge!

  9. August 21, 2012 9:18 pm

    Another great commentary. Well done and grats to all the winners!

    • August 21, 2012 11:14 pm

      Thanks, Cymre! I’m glad people enjoyed that huge wall o’ text. 😀

  10. Tyledres permalink
    August 21, 2012 9:27 pm

    Wow! Jeez, a silver! Considering the competition I’m just so shocked. But congrats to everyone as well.

  11. August 21, 2012 9:51 pm

    As a discus bearer myself (more of the rectangular shape though, lol) I apporve of these sets! =)

    • August 21, 2012 11:15 pm

      I realized part way through that maybe I should have had my Pally as one of the commentators, but at that point I wasn’t about to go back and rewrite things, LOL. And the outfits really were amazing!

  12. August 22, 2012 12:12 am

    Well done, Khizzara, although next time, could you possibly NOT completely wear out my damn scribe writing your transcript? Crap, I let you borrow Mokvar for one damn afternoon, and he comes back with a hand brace from writer’s cramp. I have my own work for him! I’ve got Warchiefing to do, you know!

    Also, Spazzle says hi.

    • August 22, 2012 12:20 am

      Thank you for lending me the use of Mokvar! I’m sorry he got writers cramp — but did you see the number of contestants we got here? Blame the popularity of the Mogolympics, not me!

      And, uh, not to treat my Warchief as my personal messenger, but say hi back to Spazzle for me too. 🙂

  13. August 22, 2012 12:59 am

    A little shocked that I got a whopping 320…I don’t think the judges like my outfits.

    • August 22, 2012 11:27 am

      First of all, don’t forget that this contest is completely subjective. Just because we like an outfit doesn’t mean it’s objectively the best. In fact, I think each judge has very different tastes — some of the ones I mark very highly will get much lower scores from other judges and vice versa. Also, some of my friends who didn’t participate in this contest read the write up and totally disagreed with who won, and they’re not wrong, they just have different tastes in outfits.

      Secondly, if I’m not mistaken I think you said that you were limiting yourself to outfits you could actually put together in-game. I think that puts you at a distinct disadvantage here competing against people who have every item imaginable available to them through Mogit/Model Viewer. Frankly, I’m amazed with what you were able to pull off just by farming and AH shopping! I don’t think I would have been able to come up with 10 actual in-game outfits within the amount of time you had, and I know you had to actually level up some new characters in order to have some new race/class combos to work with.

      If you were competing against people who were all limited to what they were able to farm up in game the results might be very different. Part of me is inclined to just give you bonus marks for the additional difficulty of actually assembling the outfits. But that wouldn’t really be fair to the other contestants either, some of whom might have decided to create outfits in game for bonus marks had they known in advance they’d get them. (Also, there’s the little issue of having all your outfits sent to us without identifiers, so I’d have to figure out which outfit was yours and might guess wrong!)

      I really hope that you aren’t too discouraged by the results so far, and I’m definitely rooting for you in future events. 🙂

      • Chatmay permalink
        August 22, 2012 2:05 pm

        Not trying to be a pooh-pooher, just there is nothing that tells what they didn’t like about it, so I am clueless as to why I got so much lower.

      • Tyledres permalink
        August 22, 2012 5:03 pm

        Chatmay, it is indeed fusturating not to know why someone didn’t love what you spent so much time and work creating as much as you yourself do. But I do remember reading somewhere that unlike in his last competition they wouldn’t be giving the judge’s opinions out since there were just way too many participants. I do think there was a mention about contacting him after the competition is done if you wanted details from judging.

        I’ve also decided to look over the two events that we know the scores for. The lowest score is 319/400. Since I like to put numbers in terms I understand that is 79.75% which would most likely round to 80 and be a B- The highest score is 384/400 or 96% or an A. Considering an average score is C with a D being passing and F being a WTF where you thinking? We all got scores that were above average. And that’s with only 2 events. In an event like this it would be nice if we could all win but unfortunately that’s not possible.

        The thing about transmog is It’s very personal. People have different tastes. They like different things. My thought is this: I don’t really care if others don’t like my mog as long as I love it because in the end the person I’m creating this for is myself. If others like it – great! If others want to wear the same thing – wow! If it causes them to decide they like it but they want to fix it – even better! Mog conversations. I want others to see what I have and be inspired to create their own thing. You can’t control what other’s feel and think. To try is stiffling and headache inducing. The only person you can control is yourself so that’s where you start.

      • August 22, 2012 5:57 pm

        Chatmay: Part of the reason I don’t want to go into specifics about your outfit is that there are just too many entries to comment on all of them, and I’m afraid if I comment on one it’ll open the floodgates of people asking about their own. If you’re really curious about my thoughts, feel free to email me after all the judging is over and I’ll get back to you. 🙂

  14. August 22, 2012 1:46 am

    First you sort through all the entries, and narrow them down. Then you guys write these awesome commentaries! IDK how you do it, but you judges are amazing /bow. Also, great mogs once again everyone, a lot of inspiration! Grats to the medal winners!

  15. August 22, 2012 5:53 am

    OMG! I hear ESPN is negotiating a contract with the pair of you right now, I hope you stay on until Mogolympics is complete! Incredible coverage! Incredible entrants! I hope Frank isn’t too upset about his turf getting dinged up. Congratulations to all!

    • August 22, 2012 11:09 am

      I don’t know if I could do another of these write ups. It took forever and I was seriously running short on ideas toward the end. I’m surprised that anyone bothered to read it, much less that they enjoyed it!

  16. August 22, 2012 6:06 am

    So, wait, who won? What? I am still confused – but this is an amazing post, and I concur with Tome – I won’t be able to compete when it comes my turn to host an event!

    • August 22, 2012 11:07 am

      I don’t know who submitted what, but Gold was contestant 15, and Silver was contestants 9, 18 and 42. Tied for third place was 6, 32 and 43, in case you’re curious. 🙂

      • Andrew (Elune) permalink
        August 23, 2012 12:28 am

        Actually, I was wondering why you didn’t give out any bronze medals this round? I ask not for selfish reasons, I think my mog came in around 9th this round or so, but it seemed like if you were giving out medals for those tied at 2nd you might as well have given out medals for those tied at 3rd.

      • August 23, 2012 2:10 am

        I didn’t hand out bronze because Tome didn’t either when she had three silver medalists. I was trying to be consistent. If JD wants us to retroactively award bronze medals that would be fine by me.

  17. Banesidhe permalink
    August 22, 2012 3:07 pm

    *swoons* A gold? Really? *beams* I have the warm fuzzies all over and I could have sworn I left my druid at home! Thanks guys!

    And the commentary was HILARIOUS. I found myself mentally mooing at my coworkers last night and then giggling to myself.

    It’s okay, they already think I’m crazy.

    • August 22, 2012 3:31 pm

      Woot! Congratulations! I had no idea who had won, LOL.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the commentary! I almost didn’t write it because I figured it was terrible and no one would read it anyway. I’m my own worst critic. 🙂


    • Freyana permalink
      August 22, 2012 5:04 pm

      Congrats! Your outfit really deserved it. It’s pitch perfect for the “discus” you chose.

  18. August 26, 2012 11:05 pm

    LMFAO! “Kaylira: 326 yards! Ha! Take THAT, you Alliance jerks!” I know that was RP. But I couldn’t stop laughing! It’s exactly how I felt when I got Arathor to represent! 😉 I’m on the realm of Arathor, so that works. But Alliance? Really? Anou was so, SO disappointed in me for taking on the project anyway. She sniggers every time I get some foul result on an entry.

    • August 26, 2012 11:07 pm

      Oops. I hit enter by accident. Congratulations to medalists and a round of applause to all contestants, and of course, the noble judges who’ve probably worn their nails out counting all these points!!

    • August 26, 2012 11:54 pm

      Oh, thank god you took that with good humor. I was a little bit worried about “gloating” over a lower score, even just in RP. 🙂

      • August 28, 2012 9:46 am

        Oh ya, no, for sure. It was funny. And you have unbelievable talent to have sat there and written it all out like that, I think it was awesome 😀 The point of this competition was to have fun, and I did. If I actually win something I’ll be impressed, but everyone else worked hard and got some fantastic results! 😀 Hope you don’t mind, I quoted it off my site for my guild mates to see and for my own personal “memory” of this competition!

      • August 28, 2012 11:26 am

        I don’t mind at all, that’s totally awesome! I’m glad you thought the commentary was funny — about half-way through I started to think that it was terrible and everyone would hate it. LOL


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