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No Bosses Down (Yet)

October 3, 2012

So we did manage to raid last night, but we didn’t manage to kill any bosses.  Every pull we managed to get him a bit lower in health, but on our best attempt we only got him to about 70% or so.  We pretty much figure it’s a gearing issue.  Some of us are fairly well geared, (considering there’s only so much gear you can get right now), but a few other people only dinged 90 within the last couple of days and they’re still just barely above an ilvl of 450.  After an hour of wiping we decided the time would be better spent by breaking up into two 5-man groups and running some heroics for upgrades.  Hopefully we’ll have better luck on Thursday.

However, I have to say that it was quite a rush to zone in last night.  About 5 minutes before raid I checked WoW Progress and it wasn’t showing any boss kills at all.  Now, there’s probably a delay between when guilds get kills and when those kills are displayed on WoW Progress, but for a moment there it truly felt like we were on the very leading edge and with maybe a (very slim) chance of being in the top ranks.  (Of course, it also made me think that maybe this first boss was harder than he sounded on paper, considering that the top guilds had probably already been working on him for hours.)  Still, for a moment it felt like anything might be possible, and that was truly awesome.

Currently there’s only 3 guilds on our server with a boss kill (one of which downed two), so who knows?  We might still get up there on that leader board eventually.  Regardless, even wiping for an hour was a welcome change from endless Dragon Soul farming.  🙂

Oh, and if you’ve been wondering how much spirit is really necessary to heal the first raid, let me just say there isn’t enough spirit in the world.  So. Much. Damage.  That is all.

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