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Title My Toons (Plus Bonus Chibis!)

May 7, 2013
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Repgrind recently shared the titles her alts are using and asked what titles everyone else wears and why they wear them.  I figure my reply is pretty long for a comment, and also that I need to blog more often, so I’m turning my response into a post instead.

Also, it gives me the chance to use these chibis that I made but never posted before.  Two birds with one post!  (That’s the saying, right?)

Kashina (Druid, main)

Kashina Chibi Blue

Kash usually wears “Starcaller” because I love it and it definitely suits her Boomkin spec.  (Starfall, anyone?)  However, when I earn a new title on her I usually wear it for a few days and then go back to Starcaller.  At the moment she’s wearing “the Flamebreaker” because I was randomly scrolling through my titles and thought that one sounded cool.

I talked about her chibi in a previous post.  It was not easy to make her look like a Tauren.

Karalina (DK)

Karalina Chibi

Kara is wearing “of the Nightfall” because she’s all dark and emo like that.

I think this chibi looks frighteningly close to the way Kara appears in my head.  Even the armor looks very much like her DK starting gear, which she’s currently using for transmog.

Kimea (Pally)

Both Kimeas

Kimmy uses “Crusader” because, well, she’s a Paladin and she thinks very highly of herself.

Two versions of Kimea, loosely based on her current transmog sets.  On the left is her red Ret set, and on the right is her blue Holy set.  I love her transmog sets so much!  I should really post them here sometime…

Kaylira (Priest)

Kaylira Chibi

Kay wears “Twilight Vanquisher”.  I’m honestly not sure why.  Maybe because she’s Disc/Holy and vanquishes the dark through her use of the light?

I think “Merrymaker” and “of Thunder Bluff” would also work well for her.

For Kay’s chibi I completely abandoned any attempt at recreating her awesome (and Mog Madness award winning) transmog set and just tried to capture the essence of her personality.  I think I did a good job of that, if I do say so myself, but it bothers me a little that I couldn’t make her look like a spotted cow.  😦

Khizzara (Mage)

Khizzara Chibi

Khizz is wearing “the Explorer” because I imagine her as someone who wants to learn about everything, especially if she can figure stuff out for herself.  That’s why she has both alchemy and engineering as professions, and why she studies magic in the first place.

I also think this chibi really captures the essence of Khizzara’s being.  😀

Kamilee (Hunter)

Kamilee Chibi

Kami has the “Dragonslayer” title because it’s super cool and seems to fit a hunter.  “The Love Fool” might also work for her personality.  (Don’t let the fur mislead you — Kami is hot stuff!)

It was difficult enough to make Tauren with the chibi maker, but Worgen?!  Not a chance.  So I chibified Kami’s human form instead.  But at least she gets to keep her fangs!  There were also no bow options for weapons.  WTF, chibi maker?  That seems like a huge fantasy oversight to me.

Kaeliss (Shaman, bank alt)


Kae is wearing “Flame Keeper”, both because it has an elemental, shaman-type feel to it, and also because she sits in the city “keeping the home fires burning”, as it were.  She could also wear “of Thunder Bluff”, since that’s where she lives at the moment, or “the Patient”, since she’s the second toon I rolled and has been waiting for her time in the spotlight ever since.  Poor girl.

I really struggled to chibify Kaeliss.  None of the options available seemed to suit her.  I must have made at least 6 versions before settling on this one.  For this version I went for a classy, business-like, bank-alt vibe.  Not sure I nailed it.  Also, not sure you can tell she’s a troll.  And they didn’t have anything like her 3-mohawk hair style.  😦

Kaija (Monk)


Kaija is “the Seeker”, as she is seeking to learn the way of the monk and find her place in Azeroth.

Oh god, making a red panda chibi is also difficult!  The chibi maker does have a panda base, but it’s a black-and-white panda, which definitely wouldn’t have been Kaija.  So I used the tiger base and just hid all the stripes.  >.>  Still not sure you could tell she’s a red panda without already knowing that’s what she is.

Korrina (Warrior)

Korrina Chibi

Korrina uses the “Ambassador” title.  She negotiates with her axe and tends to come to beneficial arrangements (for herself).

A female Orc warrior was surprisingly easy to chibify.  Currently she’s Arms and using a big heirloom axe, but there were no axe options, so I was like, meh, one day I’m sure she’ll try Fury.

Frankoz (aka Frank: Warlock, curmudgeon)

Frank Chibi

Ah, Frank.  Titles that would be appropriate for Frank would probably include “Elder”, “the Hallowed”, or even “the Patient”.  (He bides his time…)

“Farmer” would be absolutely ideal for him, but sadly he needs to level up a good deal more before he has access to it.

Of course, Frank being Frank he would much rather wear an ironic title than an appropriate one.  He was sorely tempted by “the Love Fool”, but eventually settled on “Merrymaker.”

I had so much fun chibifying Frank!  He looks so pretty in all the fancy dresses!  XD  In this version, I like to think he was invited to the annual Warlock’s ball, and this is his idea of “fancy dress”.

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  1. May 7, 2013 10:26 pm

    Aaaaah, those are all so cute! I love your choices of titles, too. 😀

  2. May 8, 2013 6:16 am

    I would love to see Kimmy’s mogs, they look lovely on her Chibi, and Frank! Swoon!

    • May 8, 2013 11:53 am

      I think I just saw a hint of a smile from Frank. I’m not sure whether to “awww” or run and hide.

      Hmm, I should get some screenshots of Kimea and force myself to post them. Active blogging? Crazy!

  3. May 11, 2013 9:16 am

    They are all adorable but I particularly love the orc and the panda.

    • May 11, 2013 11:57 am

      Thanks! I think the Orc in particular came out really well, if I do say so myself. 🙂


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