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We Might Have Killed Heroic Paragons? It’s Complicated…

August 7, 2014

Paragons of the KlaxxiThese guys are jerks.

Last night we were working on our current progression boss, Heroic Paragons of the Klaxxi.  (We skipped Heroic Blackfuse and are going to work on him next.)  It was intense!  We were nearing the end and suddenly a few DPS died, and then our Disc Priest died so that I was the only healer, and then our Monk tank died, and then I didn’t see the amber pool forming under my feet and I died like an idiot, but by then we only had one boss left to kill and he was about half dead.  So with one tank and 2-3 DPS alive they were ahead of the enrage timer and everything looked good… But then the boss jumped into the air to throw the amber pools, and while he was out of range they fell behind the enrage.  However we knew it wasn’t a hard enrage, so people spread out so he would have to kill them one by one and everyone loaded the boss up with as many DoTs as possible.

As the boss ran around one-shotting the last few DPSers we were counting down the remaining health on vent… 1% health… 500k health… OMG they could do it… Then the last DPS died and we were filled with despair.

But suddenly– what’s this?!  Victory music from Big Wigs and a bonus roll popped up!  WOOT!  The boss had died from DoTs just as he killed the last DPS!  We were victorious!

Guild News Thinks We Killed ParagonsAt least someone got bonus roll loot.  Heaven forbid it should be me.  Stupid gold.


We didn’t get any achievements.

The body of the boss despawned.

Because the body had despawned, we couldn’t loot.

Raid Lockout Thinks We Killed ParagonsThere were probably two pieces of BiS Resto Druid loot too.

Well, that’s sure weird.  But the Paragons WERE dead… The door to Garrosh was open.  We had been allowed to roll on bonus loot, and several people won gear from the rolls.  The Guild News page listed us as having killed the Paragons.  WoW Progress updated and said we had killed them.  But the armory was not showing credit for the kill on anyone’s individual page.

The best we can figure is that the last boss died from DoTs just as he was resetting, which bugged out the credit for the kill.  Somehow it ended up giving credit to the guild but not to the individual players.

WoW Progress Thinks We Killed ParagonsAt least our guild rank should be accurate, and that’s what really matters, right?

So, now what happens?

We decided to put in a ticket to Blizzard to see if they can sort it out for us.  We’d like for them to give us the loot that was on the boss, which they should be able to see in the files, since raid loot is generated when the raid instance is generated.  However, I’m not going to hold my breath for that, because once we killed Elegon during the phase when the floor had disappeared, leaving the loot chest floating in mid-air, unaccessable, and Blizzard’s response to our ticket was basically, “We know this bug happens, but we’re not going to give you loot, because we don’t care.”

No Achievement for Killing ParagonsThose 10 achievement points are very important to me.
No, getting them next week isn’t good enough, geez!

More importantly, we’d like to get our achievements for the kill.  Also, we aren’t sure if we should go on to kill Garrosh in this lockout or not, because maybe Blizzard can just re-set the Paragons this week so we can kill them again, but better this time.  (We still have one more raid night on Monday.)  We’re not sure what Blizzard does in these sorts of situations.  Maybe they’ll strip us of the bonus roll loot and say our kill was invalid!  That would be sad.  😦

Armory Doesn't Think We Killed ParagonsI hate those little yellow “incomplete” bars. Someday, all the bars will be green!
(Healers… always obsessed with making the bars green.)

We were recording the kill, so a video will be available at some point, but it hasn’t been uploaded to Youtube yet.

(What’s this?  Two blog posts in two days?  Madness!)

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