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About the Blog

I thought about creating a WoW blog a long time ago, back when my Druid was only level 10 or 15.  She was my first toon, and I was a wide-eyed, innocent noob, fascinated by Azeroth and longing to share my adventures with someone.  Sadly, I was playing on a trial account, and people with trial accounts are not allowed to talk to other players in game.  I thought it might be neat to blog about my experiences as a new player and connect with other players that way.  Although I never actually started a blog then, the thought has been percolating in my mind ever since.

Then a friend of mine in game started his own blog, Holy Word: Delicious, which you will find linked in the Blogroll on the right sidebar.  Talking to him about his blog made me take the idea seriously again, and here I am today.

This blog is not going to be big on theorycrafting and number crunching.  You probably won’t find any best in slot lists either.  There are other sites with much better information on those sorts of things than what I can provide.  What you will find are the thoughts and musings of one little tree as she heals her way through the world of Azeroth, perhaps providing a few insights along the way.  Hopefully some of you will join me on my travels.

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